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Best practices which can boost SharePoint performance

SharePoint one of the widely accepted product by Microsoft which is an excellent collaboration platform. However, application performance is very vital for deploying SharePoint successfully.  

This blog post highlights the best practices to boost performance of the SharePoint application.

Distinct internet network for front-end and SQL servers: 
There is a common myth, if a server is has a high internet connectivity, there will be abundant supply of bandwidth for all required operations. Conversely, SharePoint system gives priority to SQL server for service jobs, search indexing and others. Thus to avoid conflict, it is essential to have a separate network connection for front-end and SQL server via physical network or virtual LAN.

Quarantine search indexing:
A usual farm server is combined of web front end servers, application server and SQL database server. Search traffic generated by index server must be processed by servers delivering content. Another way to avoid clash is adding a separate server to the farm which is dedicated to index search queries. The administrator can later configure search service to perform crawls for dedicated server.  

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