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Customer success is the key to SaaS Success

B2B SaaS products have been around for more than a decade now. Almost every day there is a new B2B SaaS product being launched in the market replacing all the ...

By Shailesh Gogate Aug 18, 2014

What is Agile?

Agile…Agile!!!! Everybody is talking about Agile. Go for Agile… Simply, go for Agile. What is Agile after all? What is the advantage of agile and more ...

By Mrinalini Deshmukh Jul 17, 2014

How to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

After my last post, we finally arrive at a crucial juncture of how to outsource software product engineering. Before choosing a product engineering vendor / ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

What to Outsource in Product Engineering?

Now that we you may have figured out from my last post, ‘why to outsource’, we could now see what it is that we can or should outsource. One who understands ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

When to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

Taking it from my last post that talk about ‘why to outsource product engineering’ it only makes sense that we now discuss ‘when to outsource product ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

Why to outsource Product Engineering?

As mentioned in my first post, OPD (Outsourced Product Engineering) has been around for decades. However there still exist so many individuals in an ISV who:

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 02, 2014

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