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Virtual Captives Outsourcing

Virtual Captives Outsourcing

If you are an enterprise owner, chances are that you want more for less. So you opted for a third party offshore outsourcing with the sheer intent to reduce capital investment. You managed to accomplish this goal but unfortunately, the goal was marred by a limited scope. Moreover, many outsourcing businesses were oblivious of the complexities that they encountered while handling outsourcing relationships in other countries. These situations have gave rise to new ideas, which called for innovative approaches to running the business.

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IT labor shortage: Companies to outsource

Society of Information Management’s (SIM) 2008 IT Trends Survey shows different picture than prevailing perception about IT outsourcing. The data shows that US companies are not laying off IT staff and shipping jobs overseas to cut IT budgets. “There are more jobs than there are qualified people”, said Jerry Luftman, an IT professor and the SIM director.

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