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Building a Skype for Business bot with Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS

e-Zest- Building a Skype for business bot with Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS
With the steady growth of chatbots, platforms like Skype, Facebook, Kik, Line etc. have all started supporting chatbots. The launch of the Microsoft Bot Framework provides an easy process for the development of bots on several such platforms.

Skype for Business is the Instant Messaging (IM) platform for thousands of businesses worldwide. However, as a platform primarily for messaging, Skype for Business does not support bots out of the box.
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Build a ChatBot with Microsoft BOT framework and LUIS

The evolving Microsoft technologies are encouraging the developers to extend their ideas, scope of the BOT developing with BOT Framework SDK. While developing the BOT with BOT framework, a very clear and specific prediction of expected utterances is required. The cognitive services have not only made a developer’s life easier but have also introduced a new thought process while developing a BOT.
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