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Why world needs cloud-first headless CMS - Kentico Cloud

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CMSs are in use for over two decades now. The technology landscape has changed vastly over these years. World needs a new type of CMS that will address the need of new tech stacks, devices and UI requirements.

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Headless CMS – Considerations before going ahead

As the Content Management aspect is gaining more momentum in today's highly connected world, so is the need to create digital experiences that are increasingly cross-platform, richer and more personalized than ever before. This substantiates the rise of 'headless' approaches to content management – The Headless CMS, as it is known in industry vernacular.
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Headless Systems - What Should You Make Of It?

As the Content Management discipline is evolving, it’s also driving the need to create digital experiences that are increasingly cross-platform and richer and more personalized than ever before.

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