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Elasticsearch made easy with .Net

Elasticsearch made easy with .Net
Let me put this in very simple words. Elastic Search is a database which stores the data in the document format (JSON) and facilitates a speedy search. In technical terms one can say it is a "full text search" on a database that stores the data in document format (JSON) which is indexed and very useful for doing the full text search queries. Elastic Search is a search engine based on "

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Elasticsearch vs Graph Database

Recently, I worked on a project which involved building a genealogy portal to gather information about individuals and their genealogical/family links. Through the portal, the users could access and collaborate on comprehensive family trees. Target users were curious amateurs, genealogists, researchers, and professionals related to this space. In order to build this for different users, we needed flexibility to build different search interfaces.

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Converting from MySQL to Elasticsearch

While working on a project called Lantanacloud at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. India, the project was initially implemented using MySQL for database storage. Later on we decided to use ElasticSearch for two primary reasons:

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