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Digital commerce for dummies

The sheer growth of internet has given rise to digital commerce. Its popularity has forced industries, starting from hospitality to financial services to adopt digital strategies to attract and engage customers. Absolutely, digital commerce has paved the way for new discoveries across ecommerce, mobile and social media platform for customers.  

Also, like any other paradigm, digital commerce is evolving. With digital commerce, enterprises are able to promote their brand and strengthen their position in marketplace. They are also able to provide efficient services to their customers considering economical aspect. Truly, digital commerce is replacing traditional shopping methods by providing entire new buying experience to customers.  

If you are planning to create an online shopping website and not sure from where to start, not to worry about it. This blog will help you with steps of how to successfully launch an online shopping site. However, businesses usually are skeptical where to start while launching an online shopping site.

Initially, you would need a domain name for your site. If you are selling online, the domain name will act as your internet address which should be appropriate according to what you are trying to sell. In other words, you must ensure your domain name must reflect the search terms your customers look in their browsers. If you want to get an idea about what your customers are searching, a good way to find out is Google Trends. Google Trends provides you different keywords and phrases your customers look or search for. A relevant domain can be provided to you by some of the good hosting company depending upon your requirement.  

Secondly, you will require an ecommerce platform where you can choose between SaaS platform (Software as a Service) and installable ecommerce platform by paying monthly or annually. SaaS is recommended as a better option as compared to other ecommerce platform at this juncture.  

The next step would include, selecting an appropriate template for your ecommerce site, technically known as frontend. This means you would need to design your website using relevant images, content and products. For doing this a technical assistance is essential which you can do it in-house or consult a third party provider.

Same rule applies to backend of the application. Once frontend ready, you must focus on integrating your website with the payment gateway and other aspects like shipping and taxation. For this process also, you can contact a third party consultant and seek help with all integrations required for your site.  

Finally, your site is ready to go live. Once your site is live, you can test the same by entering domain name into the browser.
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