Technology stories that are worth - Week 21, 2018

Tech digest week 21
Get ready for e-Commerce

The bottom line is that retail is moving online, but simply investing in e-commerce will not offer brands respite from competition. Up scaling operations and making it adaptable to consumer buying patterns is how you can achieve strides!

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In the middle of the digital commerce wave

In the middle of the digital commerce wave
By the end of 2017, some thousands of brick-and-mortar stores were set to shutter, a number far greater than 2016. Comprised all categories surpassing the previous peak in 2008 — the beginning of the Great Recession — to claim the most closures in a single year.
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Technology news around the globe - Week 20, 2018

Tech digest week 20
How to use AI in your eCommerce business

This article lists practical ways that retail businesses are using AI in the world of online shopping.From the growing number of self-checkout cash registers to advanced security checks at the airport; artificial intelligence is now becoming omnipresent. It is predicted that upto 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

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Why bet on PWA for building your e-commerce?

PWA for building your e-commerce
Mobile internet traffic share had grown to 52.64% in 2017. This year it will grow further. So as an e-commerce marketer it makes sense to consider it as a major revenue stream for your business. However, it is not easy to make people download your mobile app and keep them on their devices forever. Progressive web application (PWA) is apt should you want people to have uninterrupted access to your app.
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Highlights of Magento Imagine 2018

In our recent blog, we listed what to expect from Magento Imagine. What we are going to tell you today is the highlights of Magento Imagine 2018.

Anyone who has ever been at any Magento conference knows how great it is to be a part of the Magento tribe. At Magento Imagine, the scale is always a way bigger.
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