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The role and importance of CPQ in digital commerce

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B2B commerce has overtaken B2C commerce in multiple markets. It is also worth noting that B2B continues to be inspired by the B2C trendsetters. The concept of ‘experience’ continues to be defined and redefined by the competition, by technology and by the drive to improve conversion. B2C has always shown the path when it came to guided selling, automated repeat purchases, interactive catalogue and real-time inventory checks. B2B digital commerce has picked these bits and also strives to improve upon them to win more business. Regardless of the platform (B2B/B2C), the aspects listed above and more of them are important determinants in the game. These aspects are best solved using a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution.

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Public Key Infrastructure

There are two types of cryptography – symmetric and asymmetric. In one of my previous blog posts, I had written about symmetric cryptography. In this blog post, I’m writing about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which uses asymmetric cryptography.

Topics: asymmetric cryptography Certificate Revocation List Code Signing Certificate CRL key escrow National Repository of Digital Certificates security SSL Certificate Registration Authority NRDC PGP PKI Pretty Good Privacy Digital Signature encryption Digital Certificate Controller of Certifying Authorities Licensed CAs in India Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Authority root certificate cloud computing IT Act Technology CCA Digital Signature Certificate

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