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3 important points to remember while gathering requirements for finance applications

Requirement gathering is extremely vital for any development activity. Usually, clients share business processes, but the other surrounding aspects are identified by business analyst, who later transform the requirements into a detailed project scope.

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Thinking Solutions

Most IT service providers talk about offering holistic solutions instead of pure play technology services to their customers. However, from my previous experiences, I have realized that it is easier said than done. How does one really approach a prospect and offer a unique solution? Unless we truly engage with the prospect, it is hard to understand their immediate, medium and long-term priorities. Vice-versa if we do not offer something that interests them, the prospect is unlikely to give us time.

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Enterprise Mobility gets a boost with Apple-IBM partnership

Tech giants Apple and IBM have come together to form a partnership which can transform the enterprise mobility space. The deal will see 100 enterprise solutions including native business apps to iPads and iPhones, IBM cloud services built for iOS, Apple service and support for enterprises and new offerings from IBM. IBM will also sell iPhones and iPads pre-loaded with enterprise solutions to businesses.

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Solution Architect: Master of the Context

One of the more ambiguous terms doing the rounds of the industry is this little term called ‘Solution Architect’. The term certainly is born from the word ‘Solution’. It’s the ‘Architect-ing’ that spins different interpretations. However, without having to use a microscope, we can still very clearly understand where this very important person of the Presales team fits in.

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Is BA a meagre bridge between the client and the organization?

When I joined as a Business Analyst, I was asked by many curious faces around me the question, ‘What is a BA?’ I could have replied with a typically technical answer saying ‘a BA is an individual who designs the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders to understand the structures, policies and operations of an organization in order to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals’. But then I wondered for a moment and realized that any person from a non-corporate background would be left wondering about this definition of my profile. So to make it simple I always say that a BA is a bridge between the company and its clients.

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Get to know Wire Framing tools better

Using software has almost become a part of our life, so knowing your software may just help a little more to understand it and make optimum use of it. Similar to software, wire framing tools are advanced tools primarily used for gathering data/information for projects. They offer huge advantages and since they help build a foundation, it makes the job of the UI/UX team and the developers quite easy. At times the UX team even works in the wire framing tools. Today I will be sharing some features and other details of wire framing tools such as the Balsamiq, HotGloo, Flinto etc.

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