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Elevating Product Engineering with AI and ML

As technology evolves and customer choices broaden, there is an increasing expectation for companies to not only deliver quality products but also provide a ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 10, 2024

Reimagine to Reinvent Data Strategy

Today, business leaders across the world are struggling to make effective use of data and analytics. A key impediment is that the data remains inaccessible in ...

By Devendra Deshmukh May 20, 2022

Data Engineering - Reshaping and Reimagining 2022

Today, data is output for almost everything we do, right from browsing the internet to content we consume through to the transactions we do. Data is generating ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Mar 30, 2022

Technology Trends 2022: Engineering Change | Accelerating Growth | Building The Groundwork For The Future

The world around us has changed significantly in the last two years and is now more connected and digital than ever before. These technologies and the trends ...

By Corporate Feb 17, 2022

The Product Owner and The Pandemic

I won’t waste your time talking about COVID19. You are in a lockdown like me, waiting for this to blow over and the world to dial back to normalcy. While the ...

By Abhishek Mishra May 26, 2020

#6 Measures for Business Continuity during and post COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus outbreak, officially declared a pandemic by WHO, has affected more than a 180 countries and territories all over the world. Several nations ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Apr 08, 2020

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