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RethinkDB: Introduction

Ajinkya Falke Jan 13, 2017

RethinkDB Cassandra ReQL

What is Rethink DB?

Rethink database is an open-source database which is one of the best query languages with respect to other databases. Rethink DB’s push functionality is extremely helpful to build a real-time applications. RethinkDB supports server-side subqueries and distributed join operations which exclude complex client-side code and multiple network roundtrips to database server. As RethinkDB is not based on string parsing, the risk of injection attack is minimized at high level.

RethinkDB is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and install. In addition, it has a rich data model and supports flexible querying capabilities. It has incredible admin interface having a web-based dashboard. The built-in data explorer offers online documentation and query language suggestions.

What is ReQL?

ReQL, a form of Rethink query language is a data-driven, abstract and polymorphic query language. All cluster operations are scriptable in ReQL. Rethink database model is a JSON document store based on JavaScript-based query language. Its partitioning method is based on sharded cluster model and has a built-in replication. A cluster node can be sharded through couple of clicks. Apart from it, data is JOIN-able on references, handles BLOBS, and supports geospatial and multi-datacenter. High-level operations on data are automatically compiled to map-reduce jobs that are an added advantage of distributed architecture.

Limitations of RethinkDB:

Using RethinkDB will not be a good choice, if you need full ACID support or strong enforcement. In such cases, it is better to use relational databases. RethinkDB can be a great choice but it is low in performance if compared to Cassandra in both single node and multiple-node configurations. RethinkDB has no user accounts and you will have to setup your own auth and user accounts. Furthermore, there is no hard limit on the creation of databases but there is a hard limit of 64 shards.

Benefits of RethinkDB over Cassandra:

CQL, a Cassandra query language is similar to SQL, but it has scalability issues, because it has no JOINS and aggregate functions. Rethink DB supports map-reduce which is a way to run aggregation functions on large data sets, potentially stored across many servers. Rethink DB’s real-time push architecture dramatically reduces time and effort necessary to build scalable real-time apps.

RethinkDB works best with?

RethinkDB can be used in applications where you need continuous real-time data updates. Additionally, it can be best used to showcase sports score on various online displays, monitoring systems, fast workflow applications.

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