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Organizational Psychology

Padmaja Huprikar Nov 30, 2016

organizational development Organizational Psychology

No, it is not rocket science!!

It is a fact which each one of us lives with every day.

Organizational psychology does not necessarily mean the way employees behave in the organization but, it is how the organization makes itself identified in the market. This of course, has a human behaviour aspect to it and it is important to understand in order to cope up with the 21st century market.

Moving ahead, let me first explain why we need to know and understand the term Organizational Psychology. The answer is, it focusses on assessing individual, group and organizational dynamics and using the research to identify solutions to problems which improves profitability. This profitability is often dependent on factors like good products, teams that communicate well and employees who are motivated, well trained and committed to company goals.

The next question which pops in our mind is, what exactly organizational psychology is? The answer is actually very vague to explain, because it is something which we experience everyday but when we are asked to express about it, we are clueless. The reason being, we get engrossed in our work routine so much that we fail to take a sneak peak of what is going in and around us. But the fortunate thing is, the business scenario today has changed drastically. People (employers and employees) are taking great interest in how to enhance the experience level of internal and external customers. This experience level does not mean that we need to provide good appraisal or any monetary or non-monetary benefits. It means to motivate customers to such an extent that we get to see the difference automatically. It is completely understood that getting to that level is pretty difficult, but not impossible. Thus, when we talk about an organization as a whole, it involves a practical + humanitarian approach, which is known as “Organizational Psychology”.

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