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Corporate Jan 29, 2019

Helping you develop rich, easy-to-manage mobile apps

Tabit is a web-based platform that creates rich mobile applications. These mobile applications run on multiple devices and work offline. The Tabit web platform also allows you to modify the content of these applications in real-time.


Challenges and Solutions:

  • In this age of immersive user experiences, wooing customers using static marketing content is not the best strategy for your business. Keeping customers engaged with interactive applications is the only way ahead. Tabit creates rich applications from your existing content. This gives you a strong mobile presence backed by a uniform, world-class experience.
  • Customers do not want to be inconvenienced for app updates on their phones. Visiting the app store, downloading the update and installation is a tedious process which can whisk the customer away from your app. Tabit solves this problem by pushing updates as soon as you upload those on the web-platform. In other words, you edit your application while it is live.
  • The market is ridden with a number of mobile devices that make it more expensive to maintain your presence. There are challenges in delivering a consistent user experience as well. The Tabit web platform generates apps with a consistent experience across all major mobile platforms. The efforts that go into creating such apps is lesser by comparison, further saving costs.
  • Customers want content that must render fast and independent of their mobile carrier capabilities. Tabit creates offline-enabled apps. These apps download content at the time of installation and do not require a network connection to work. This enhances the speed of use and the overall experience.
  • “What happens in the app stays in the app?” “Is it possible to know what the customer is clicking on, what he wants to see, what he doesn’t want to see on the app?” With Tabit, you get comprehensive analytics on the app usage that can be viewed on your web dashboard. Such information can be mined for useful marketing insights.


  1. Faster creation of mobile applications from existing static content.
  2. Applications are automatically generated for a range of devices and sizes.
  3. Richer and faster apps
  4. Equipped with offline access.
  5. The Tabit web portal makes application maintenance easy and hassle-free.
  6. Analytics data from the app can be leveraged for marketing.

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