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Custom mobile platform to optimize sales operation cycle

Aditya Dharmadhikari Feb 19, 2019

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Managing an end to end sales operation cycle has become one of the critical tasks in the present era. This could be one of the major challenges organizations might face in the coming future.

In such a scenario, it is important to track and measure the performance of the overall process associated with sales operation. Major responsibility comes over the individuals who are critically engaged in driving the sales cycle. These individuals may include sales executives, sales managers, territory managers, regional managers, and directors etc.

To overcome these challenges, it becomes very necessary to streamline the business process and resources associated with the sales cycle and sales operations to achieve the required sales objective.

Introducing the mobile application might prove very much useful to re-engineer the overall sales cycle model. The mobile application can be used by sales executives and managers to schedule daily meetings, follow-ups along with reporting feature which can stabilize and track their day to day activities. In addition to these, the application can also take care of customer statistics, offers and status of the offer into the segment ‘open/closed’.

Users would be able to create an important to-do task and reminders for the same. Also, the notification functionality could be much useful for users to seek attention towards schedules, reporting, tasks to-do and other activities.

Branch-wise user management system allows all the branch heads and managers to govern the activities falling under them and to have close overlook.

One of the unique features of the application is the dashboard, which enables all the upper management users to observe and measure the performances and actual numbers as well as forecasting and future figures.

The following could be business benefits:

Increased transparency

Enables all managers to have a complete overview of the sales personnel activities to bridge the gap between them. All the managers would access the data of executives working for them.

A boost in efficiency

Using the application into the process would increase the efficiency by saving time as the things would get done faster.

Seamless collaboration

The application would serve as a single interlinked platform which connects sales team and managers even at different levels.

Anywhere and anytime

The biggest advantage of the application is that it is accessible from anywhere connected over the internet and with no time-bound approach.

User Experience

The application is designed to bring in efficiency towards the reduction in task flows.

Thus, the mobile platform can be used to optimize the sales operational cycle by governing the process aspects at each stage of the cycle.

Further integrations and customizations like access to a mailbox, calling, messaging, and the optical character recognizing to read visiting cards are also possible.

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