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CSR Initiative: Making Healthcare Accessible through Telemedicine

Corporate January 18, 2019

Healthcare, Neurosynaptic Communications

e-Zest Solutions along with Neurosynaptic Communications have taken an initiative to provide quality healthcare to the The Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) population with the help of telemedicine technology & expert doctors from renowned hospital. The project named e-Zest Saath is aimed at providing quality health support to the marginalized section of society, who do not have access to proper medical consultation facilities within their financial reach.

When asked why telemedicine? Devendra Deshmukh, CEO and Founder, e-Zest Solutions said, " This project has been designed and undertaken to make the quality healthcare and medical services accessible to the underprivileged section of the society. In Dapodi, where a substantial below the poverty community lives, there is a challenge of access to quality of healthcare for this community. We are very glad by how this project is taking shape and thousands of people will be positively impacted by the initiative."

As a part of the e-Zest Saath CSR initiative, e-Zest Solutions has set up a telemedicine centre at Dapodi in Pune Maharashtra, India. These telemedicine centres and medical camps are run by the CREATE NGO with technology powered by Neurosynaptic Communications’ ReMeDi platform, and the Healthcare Consultation Services and Professional Doctors provided by the Nanavati Hospital. The core technology, operations needed for the execution of the project and doctor consultation costs are facilitated and borne by e-Zest.

Sameer Sawarkar, CEO of Neurosynaptic said, “This is yet another milestone in Neurosynaptic’s efforts towards making quality healthcare accessible to the deprived areas. We are proud to make this positive impact for the community. We hope to reach to the remotest corners of India”.

Over 70% of the population in India is spread out in rural areas, and yet there is limited or no access to quality healthcare facilities in these areas. Due to which, medical care is sought very late in the disease-cycle, resulting in medical complications and huge expenses. Telemedicine, e-Healthcare and m-Health technologies are affordable and scalable ways to bridge this access gap.

Jaywant Deshpande, COO and Founder, e-Zest Solutions said, "We are extremely pleased to say that at e-Zest we are leveraging the latest technology offerings for social cause where there is the maximum impact. This project is close to our heart as we see many getting benefitted through our technology expertise."

Mr. Dayanand Tandon, CEO of CREATE said, “Telemedicine Initiative works as an eyeopener to those who do not take health seriously. An excellent use of technology in neo healthcare”.

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