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Creating outcome based transformative and disruptive technology solutions for the future

Devendra Deshmukh Mar 19, 2019

Digital Transformation Emerging Technologies Disruptive innovation

Change is the only constant and it inspires us to constantly move forward. We seek change—reimagine opportunities for businesses and societies to flourish through innovation and growth.

In a recent interview, Bill Gates was asked on how technology innovation has evolved over time and what it will be in the future to which he said "I think the brilliant minds of the future will focus on more metaphysical questions: How do we make people happier? How do we create meaningful connections? How do we help everyone live a fulfilling life?“ and that got me thinking obviously in our own context of how far we have come and how much change we have seen and continue to see.

As a digital transformation leader, we feel the need to build the virtual, physical and psychological representations of our company into a brand. With the sole vision of upping the game that reflects our global ambition to be the most sought after for its people, partnerships & performance and creating meaningful solutions. e-Zest has rapidly grown over the last few years with the influx of new and fresh talent to support the ever-changing technology landscape. We have had a lot of learning and some strong client partnerships along the way. The industry appreciates the business agenda we are driving, resulting in us being featured by Gartner and Zinnov this year as well.

We are committed to creating impactful transformations for our clients—transformation that translates complex business problems into simple solutions. We make the emerging technologies ready to be applied to business solutions that help them embrace change.

We are driven by passion. Our vision is centred around customer success and innovation. It is with this intent that we are launching our new website with a fresh look that offers better insights about who we are, what we can do for you, and finally why us. This initiative is also an endeavour to deliver high-impact experience for our customers, prospects, partners, our team and also those who seek and rely on our digital expertise & leadership.

There has never been a more exciting time than this. Now is the time to step up and head into the future. 2019 for us, is a year of strategic ambitions and pragmatic efforts that will enable purpose-driven, decisive, and more far-reaching strategies to help deliver disruptive outcomes.

e-Zest is a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilizes emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts. It offers software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, user experience and digital commerce.