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Yogesh Kale

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Let the robot test- RPA

Automation has been impacting the industry across the globe, and it is getting into the root level of products and services. Right from manufacturing to information technology, automation is making our life better and getting finer products out in the market.
Topics: RPA Robotic Process Automation Artifical Intelligence AI Automation

GDPR - Not Rocket Science!

Several organizations that do business with EU citizens are in a panic mode as the day to enforce GDPR draws closer. Panic will only get us so far; understanding it in layman’s term would be a more useful tactic.

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation put forth by the European Union (EU), with an effective date of May 25, 2018.
Topics: GDPR europe General Data Protection Regulation

For IOT testing - you need to cook your own recipe!

Most of us start our day with an alarm clock, our cell phone gives us the appointments across the day, news from across the globe comes to your fingertips, connecting with the world is now a kids play. Right from our home, office, schools, and many other places, machines are in action for us. Have you ever wondered how would you feel if it was like this before?

Topics: IoT Testing IoT testing

Best Practices for QA Automation

Digitization and technology disruption has changed the way we manage the project lifecycles.

Topics: QA Automation digital transformation

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