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Vishwanath Mathapati

Vishwanath is working on challenging Spring and Hibernate projects at e-Zest. He has splendid work experience in Java. When he gets free time from his projects he likes to try his hands on various server side technologies and he has special interest in web application development technologies. His hobby, apart from technical ones, include trekking, playing football and drawing.

Recent Posts by Vishwanath Mathapati:

Spring Singleton and Java Singleton Pattern

I thought of writing this blog while studying the difference between Singleton pattern and Spring Framework Singleton scope for Bean/POJO. As the default scope for Bean within Spring container is singleton, hence while using Spring's ApplicationContext and BeanFactory we will be getting a single instance to work with. Hence we may be using the Bean instance from the BeanFactory which is singleton in nature, but it is quite different from the Singleton Pattern.

Topics: Spring Framework singleton pattern Java Design Pattern Technology

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