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Suraj Adsule

Suraj Adsule

Suraj is a Software Engineer at e-Zest Solutions. He has 2.6 years of experience in Software Development specializing in Web Applications. He has worked with C#, MVC, ASP.Net, Sql Server, jQuery and Javascript.In a free time he is not a software engineer, you can find him in a movie theater or on a road trip.

Recent Posts by Suraj Adsule:

Dynamic Report Generation

Many times, we get a requirement to show multiple reports in the same manner. In that case, it will be feasible to create a generic screen to show all reports on the same screen. This requirement itself is showing it is a technique that will consume less time as we are creating one page for all reports.

This blog will be useful to you if we want to develop the dynamic report generation (the same requirement which is mentioned above).

Topics: Report Generation jQuery Ajax

Routing in MVC

Routing is a pattern matching system that monitors the incoming request and figures out what to do with that request. At runtime, the routing engine uses the route table for matching the incoming request's URL pattern against the URL patterns defined in the ‘Route Table’.

Why to use routing?

Topics: mvc Routing

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