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Supriya Sonavane

Supriya works as Technical Leader in e-Zest Solutions Ltd. and has 8 years of experience on Microsoft technologies primarily in Healthcare domain. She leads Healthcare projects in e-Zest. She has done Healthcare Consultation for EDI and HL7 implementation.

Recent Posts by Supriya Sonavane:

EDI Unleashed – Series 7

We discussed EDI 835 message EDI in the previous blog, Now let’s look at EDI 820 transaction now.
The EDI 820 transaction deals with payments. It is used in conjunction with an electronic transfer of funds for payment of goods, insurance premiums or other transactions.

Topics: healthcare Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 6

We have discussed in previous blog about EDI 837 message in EDI. Let’s look at EDI 835 transaction.

Topics: Health Care Remittance Advice Electronic Data Interchange EDI 835 healthcare EDI Health Care Claim Payment Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 5

Till we’ve discussed about the fundamentals of EDI. We’ve also looked in to the benefits of Clearinghouses and the criteria for selecting Clearinghouse.

Topics: Electronic Data Interchange EDI messages healthcare EDI messages healthcare EDI HIPAA Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 4

In the previous blog we discussed about the concept of Clearinghouse. With the advent of Electronic Claim Submission, there are n numbers of Clearinghouses in the market today with each offering diverse range of services.

Topics: Electronic Claim Submission Electronic Data Interchange Healthcare EDI healthcare EDI Technology ClearingHouse

EDI Unleashed – Series 3

We discussed in previous blog, the limitations of paper based claim submission. To overcome these limitations, electronic claim submission was introduced. Along with that came the concept of ‘Clearinghouse’.

Topics: Clearinghouse Benefits Electronic Claim Submission ClearingHouses Electronic Data Interchange Healthcare EDI healthcare EDI Technology

EDI Unleashed – Series 2

By now I am sure the reader is a little conversant with EDI. But before we move ahead with understanding challenges in EDI implementation lets understand how Electronic Claim Submission Works.

Topics: Electronic Claim Submission Electronic Data Interchange Healthcare EDI healthcare EDI Technology

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