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Robina Gulati

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Continuous Integration Tools In Java

The development of any application is divided into iterations and on the completion of the first iteration it takes several months to integrate our code into a product that could be passed to Quality Assurance. Unless integration is sensed and planned it can hinder to appeal the application development lifecycle. For this reason, it is important to use Continuous Integration tools to overcome this issue in your development lifecycle.

Topics: Commercial continuous Integration Java tools open source Continuous Integration Java tools Continuous Integration Continuous Integration Java tools software configuration management Technology

Choosing right JS framework for the task

Every web app that is fast, responsive and modern requires unique development approach. The web apps no longer can be built around full page loads and get progressively enhanced in order to behave in a dynamic manner. There is a wide variety of JS frameworks available which are unique in each of their kinds and provide programming rich client-side interactions in web applications.

Topics: Prototype rich client-side applications JavaScript frameworks Sencha EXT JS 4 YUI Library Dojo jQuery JS frameworks gwt Technology MooTools

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