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Madhura Oak

Madhura Oak is a Technical Architect at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. and has over 12 years experience in Java technologies. She works on architecture, design and development of applications in Java EE, Spring, Hibernate and XML technologies.

Recent Posts by Madhura Oak:

Oracle NoSQL Database (ONDB)

Relational databases have been around us for more than 20 years now. Needless to say, they are mature and an obvious choice for storing data used for performing CRUD operations. RDBMS are usually used for storing structured data which can be manipulated and retrieved using standard SQL queries. In RDBMS, a data is also associated with metadata for e.g. the column name of table and its data type. RDBMS also provides ACID transactions.

Topics: Java NoSQL and Oracle NoSQL database (ONDB) Technology RDBMS

Session State Isolation Techniques

Isolation of data in a session is the trickiest part of session management. A session may constitute of multiple requests. Transactions with appropriate isolation levels are used for data isolation in a request.

Topics: Java JEE Technology

Session Management

There are three ways of session management in n-tier applications:

Topics: Java JEE Technology

Transaction and Query timeout

Performance is one of the non-functional requirements of an application. It defines the acceptable maximum response time for activities such as page load. It can also include the acceptable performance criteria for other activities which are application specific.

Topics: Java Technology

Multiple Inheritance in Domain Model Design

While using multiple inheritance in domain model design you need to be cautious as programming languages such as Java do not support it. Hence, for designing such a domain model, GoF structural design pattern – Bridge pattern can be used. There are two layers of abstraction used in Bridge pattern.

Topics: Domain Design Java JPA Technology

Lazy Loading in Domain Model

Entities in a domain model are often related to each other. JPA 2.0 provides the following four annotations to define the relationships between entities:

Topics: Java Technology

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