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Lalit Kale

Lalit Kale works as an Architect at e-Zest. He has an industry experience of over 7 years. His areas of interest and expertise include various Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF and Windows Azure. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (IT). He has also been instrumental in taking solutions to next stage for e-Zest's enterprise customers. In his spare time he likes to try out open source technologies and loves to watch TED.com

Recent Posts by Lalit Kale:

Introduction to Specification Pattern

Specification pattern has emerged out of “Domain Driven Design” phenomenon. It is first identified and articulated here by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler. Specification Pattern is based on method chaining technique and beautifully uses fluent interfaces. In method chaining, we get desired results by operating over the object through series of methods which returns the same type of object. One of the examples of method chaining is given below,

Topics: Business Rules Microsoft .Net Design Patterns Specification Pattern Technology

Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development - Part 2

For earlier 9 points kindly refer to my earlier blog at Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development – Part 1

Topics: Solution Development PA-DSS Compliant Technology

Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development - Part 1

Following are the considerations for the development and Implementation of software solutions in a PCI-DSS Compliant Environment. These should be treated as functional and/or quality requirements while developing PCI DSS Compliant solution.

Topics: PCI DSS Solution Development PA-DSS Compliant Technology

PCI Compliance Overview

PCI DSS version 2.0 must be adopted by all organizations with payment card data by 1 January 2011, and from 1 January 2012 all assessments must be against version 2.0 of the standard.

Topics: PCI Compliance PA-DSS PCI DSS Control Objectives Technology

PCI Compliance Introduction

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has developed security standards for handling cardholder information in a published standard called the PCI-DSS Data Security Standard (DSS). The security requirements defined in the DSS apply to all members, merchants, and service providers that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

Topics: PA-DSS Validation PCI-DSS Compliance PCI Compliance PCI Technology Payment Card Industry

Combination Therapy for Requirements using BDD and UML


Topics: Microsoft .Net bdd agile use case requirements Technology

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