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Anandkumar Jadhav

Anandkumar Jadhav

Anandkumar Jadhav is a hardcore web developer with vast industrial experience in LAMP technologies. Currently he is working as a Tech Lead and has played a key role in developing complex logic based application architecture. Right now he is mainly focusing on Amazon Web Services application development. He is extremely passionate about learning and understanding of new technologies.

Recent Posts by Anandkumar Jadhav:

Deployment of MongoDB Sharding

A recent project that I worked on required us to store millions of records along with low memory and processor usage. The system worked well for the first one million records. After that, the system started taking a lot of time to insert records, create data files and search records within a database. To solve this problem, we decided to implement MongoDB Sharding.

Topics: Technology

Amazon Web Service Command line tool installation

When your application is running on Cloud it becomes very important for you to know about managing your applications. Amazon provides many tools to manage AWS resources e.g. UI console, API (PHP, Java, Dot Net etc.), command line tools and so on. We prefer working on console but sometimes it becomes mandatory to access system through command line. One of such situation is when RDS is running out of space and you are not able to see the console.

Topics: amazon web services AWS Command Line tool AWS Command line tool installation cloud computing Technology

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