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Amol Asodekar

Amol Asodekar

Amol is a Senior Software Professional with 7+ years of experience in LAMP technologies. He is associated with e-Zest since 5+ years and has keen interest in exploring new technologies in Open Source. He is the guy to look out for, if you are stuck with any technical problems under his domain! Has a very focused approach towards all technical aspects. He love to listen light music, likes to read books and travelling.

Recent Posts by Amol Asodekar:

Multiple websites or stores in Magento 2.0

One of the useful features of Magento 2.0 is the ability to create multiple stores/websites that share the same MBO (Magento Back Office). This allows multiple store fronts to share a common code base and backend making its administration a lot easier. Stores can share customer base, product catalogue and settings based on how you choose to configure your sites.
This tutorial will help you to go through the steps of setting up multiple stores in Magento 2.0, and how to configure a domain for each store.

Topics: Magento 2.0 Digital Commerce e-commerce

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