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Abhay Wagh

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Language R: Vectors


In my last blog Beginner's guide to R, I have written about the data types, variable, arithmetic and logical operations and introduction to data objects such as vector, matrix and data frames. In this blog I will discuss about vectors in details.

Topics: language R Vectors

Sending email with EWS (Exchange Web Service) Managed API

Microsoft Exchange server provides web services which are called as EWS to provide access to Exchange server data. To communicate with this web services Microsoft provides API’s called as EWS Managed APIs. Using these API’s we can build client application which can send, read, and reply to email messages from the exchange server, and can do tasks like adding, updating, canceling appointments. There are various methods provided by API’s to achieve various operations on exchange server. In this blog we will discuss how to send email messages through EWS managed API’s using .Net client application.

Topics: EWS Exchange Web Service Microsoft

Beginner's guide to R

R is a Statistical Programming Language used for statistical computing, data analysis and graphics. It is an open source and widely used language by data scientists for data analysis. There are various software which supports integration with R, for example you can integrate R with SQL server.  

Topics: R language language R

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