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Aarti Shinde

Aarti Shinde is a Software Engineer at e-Zest and has 5+ years of experience. She has an Master's degree in Computer Science. Aarti's expertise lies in ASP.NET , MVC and AngualrJS. She is currently working with .NET technology. She enjoys dancing, painting, travelling and listening to music.

Recent Posts by Aarti Shinde:

Basic commands for mongoDB

1. Install MongoDB On Windows

To install MongoDB on Windows, first download the latest release of MongoDB from https://www.mongodb.org/downloads. Make sure you get correct version of MongoDB depending upon your Windows version.
Topics: MongoDB For Developers

Techniques for code-based navigation in ASP.Net

The best techniques for code-based navigation in ASP.Net .jpg

In a world of desktop applications, where you build programs with multiple forms, you almost always end up calling one form from another and passing values from one form to another.

In ASP.NET, navigation between web form pages is the process of redirecting users from one web forms page to another or requesting updates for the current page.
Topics: .NET ASP.NET

How to write/create Unit Test in Angularjs 2.0 using jasmine core

In this blog I have used Angular RC1 latest upgraded version to implement unit testing using jasmine core.

Topics: JavaScript Angular JS 2.0 Jasmine Angular JS RC1 Unit Test Angular.js Json

SEO Primer: Tags Developers should know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process used to improve the search engine rank of a website. It is done by providing information to search engines to get more user clicks and visits on a website.

Topics: Digital Marketing Technology SEO

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