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vSphere: The best platform for building cloud infrastructures

e-Zest is Professional Level Partner of VMware and has a dedicated VMware competency center. VMWare is the market leader in infrastructure virtualization and according to one of the Gartner's researches, its at least 6 years ahead of its competitors in terms of technology innovations. e-Zest has gained extensive experience in implementing the infrastructure virtualization using VMware vSphere.

vSphere is amazing innovation from VMware. Its worth spending few minutes understanding its key features and benefits.

VMware vSphere, the industry’s first cloud operating system, leverages the power of virtualization to transform datacenters into dramatically simplified cloud computing infrastructures and enables IT organizations to deliver the next generation of flexible and reliable IT services, using internal and external resources, securely and with low risk.

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Cloud Security Fundamentals

Cloud evolution can be considered synonymous to banking system evolution. Earlier people used to keep all their money, movable assets (precious metals, stones etc.) in their personal possessions and even in underground lockers as they thought that depositing their hard earned money with bank can be disastrous. Banking system evolved over the period of time. Legal and security process compliances protected by Law played a big role in making banking and financial systems trustworthy. Now, people hardly keep any cash with them. Most of us carry plastic money and transact digitally.

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