Taking digital commerce ahead with ‘Customer Engagement Hub’

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A few years back, our customers were talking about customer satisfaction and hence the need of CRM where a 360-degree view of customers can be built. Fast forward to today and yet we have not solved the puzzle of a 360-degree view. Our customer-focused software solutions are moving to and fro from generalized systems to specialized ones.
Topics: Digital Commerce Challenges of Digital Commerece

The basics of how digital commerce works


No one is accurately aware of when mankind started trading! From horses to ships, from trucks to airplanes, the need to trade goods has shaped some of the best innovations for mankind. With more and more ideas shaping up the business arena, digital commerce is one trend that is slowly concurring the enterprise world. So, what is digital commerce or digital commerce? Put in simple words “Digital commerce involves buying and selling of goods and services by the use of internet, mobile networks and other commerce infrastructure.”

Topics: Digital Commerce Challenges of Digital Commerece Digital Commerce platform

Digital commerce challenges for 2017

With evolution of technology and internet, a significant rise has been observed in digital commerce industry. Though technology and internet are best thing ever happened, digital commerce businesses fail to utilize its benefits for business growth. As the internet is encouraging growth of digital commerce, lot of alleged businesses are on the edge owing to the growing competition. Hence it is must that they should rethink upon their business strategy.  

Similarly, with advent of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, everybody around the corner is preferring online shopping and are snubbing cart items at the same time. This type of customer behavior has incurred a huge loss to the business owners. There can be many explanations such as your site is non-responsive, extra shipping cost or lack of personal assistance.

As many marketers are coming online with their offerings, there are lot of digital commerce businesses who are amateurs or completely naïve. Here are few digital commerce challenges that these businesses can face in 2017. It is vital to assess below mentioned challenges because if they fail to readdress their strategies, there is a high risk of business failure. 

Topics: Digital Commerce Challenges of Digital Commerece

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