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Role of HR in Digital Innovation

Today, organizations are progressively undergoing a phase of digital innovation, which is enough for the growth of business and even helps to redesign business models. You can read more about digital innovation in my previous blog.
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The Digital Journey of Hospitality and Travel industries

As an avid traveler, I have a knack for the curious. Last evening, post work, I had a date with Google planning my next travel when my curiosity engulfed my thoughts. I was sitting at a café comparing flights and hotels for Cuba on my Mac. Fifteen years ago, I would have visited a travel agent, in town and would have been at the mercy of his/her mood. A self-service travel website was unheard of then, and the the physical travel agent desk, thankfully, has become obsolete now. What had led to the shift in how travel is planned and purchased? 

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 49, 2017

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Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 48, 2017

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Technology Stories you cannot miss - Week 47, 2017

The benefits of multi-cloud computing

Business model using multiple cloud services to house business functions and features has an impressive list of advantages. When you use multi-cloud architecture to power your website, it makes your company’s services resilient against attacks because even if one cloud goes down, others remain available to take the load until your service recovers.

Read more: https://hubs.ly/H09gghb0

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Opportunities for organizations in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era

Your journey in the AI era is determined by many factors, only if you are watching closely the many facets of AI, you can also see that AI brings with it an entire constellation of opportunities. I wanted to know what the future of AI would look like, and the opportunities they could bring. So I reached out to our experts who work in this space to ask what their thoughts are. Our experts explain how AI will change the way we work and also change the future of productivity. Their thoughts were insightful.

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