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Installing and setting HDFS cluster through Ambari

Apache Ambari is an open source management tool/platform for managing, provisioning, securing and monitoring the Hadoop Cluster. It also allows to install ...

By Anagha Thorat Oct 31, 2018

Technology stories- Week 43, 2018

e-Commerce and the race for voice searchSmart speakers are presenting new opportunities for voice search. Since the market is still fresh, this is the right ...

By Corporate Oct 26, 2018

Page Object Model in Selenium

While writing automated scripts for our project, as a beginner in the Automation testing, I realized the ease of writing test scripts in POM structure. In ...

By Kaveri Solapure Oct 24, 2018

#HackathonPune continues to inspire coders in its third-year

e-Zest and Fresco Capital took up the challenge of bringing together 71 teams of coders from around the country to code on the theme ‘Blockchain for Good’ ...

By Corporate Oct 23, 2018

Magento 2 Static Code Analysis

Quality of code plays an important role in application’s security, stability, and maintainability. There are different tools available to test the code ...

By Pravin Patil Oct 22, 2018

Technology news around the world - Week 42, 2018

10 trends will impact the future of Digital CommerceInnovations in customer experience, business models and technology will transform digital commerce in ...

By Corporate Oct 19, 2018

Maintaining Code in GIT

GIT has been the primary choice of version control system for a long time, and it should be, because of how the GIT system is designed to track changes and ...

By Sarang Bhantar Oct 19, 2018

Code validations using static-review library in Magento

Introduction:Magento2 comes up with some advance tools and plugins, which are really useful for developers to track some common errors during development; I ...

By Shubh Sharma Oct 19, 2018

BlueFoot CMS Page Builder for Magento 2

Since Magento acquired the technology behind the BlueFoot CMS and Page Builder module it has made the BlueFoot CMS a core part of the Magento platform to ...

By Rohit Gupta Oct 17, 2018

How to create, attach, and mount a disk to Linux VM (Microsoft Azure)

Virtual Machine helps you to not only run several of your applications but it also gives you the liberty to allocate the storage of your choice to store ...

By Sourabh Majali Oct 17, 2018

#HackathonPune 2018

The season three of #HackathonPune was all about building something that unleashes the limitless potential of people and organizations for the good of the ...

By Corporate Oct 13, 2018

Blueprint to winning #HackathonPune

With just two days to go, I am sure you are wondering what you need to do to prepare. Let me help you.

By Girish Chandra Oct 11, 2018

Blockchain for HR

In general, when we talk about blockchain, it is always associated with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Besides being the backbone of the world’s ...

By Sakshi Koul Oct 10, 2018

Working on LESS with Different Compilation Modes in Magento 2

OverviewMagento 2 includes LESS which stands for Leaner Style Sheets. LESS is a dynamic pre-processor style language used to extend the traditional style ...

By Rohit Gupta Oct 09, 2018

Ready-to-use steps to analyze the KPIs with Google Analytics data

If you run an online business, you need to continuously evaluate its performance to understand whether you are progressing in line with the revenue goal. ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 06, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 40, 2018

Blockchain Hackathon in Punee-Zest in association with Fresco Capital is organizing an all-Blockchain 24-hours hackathon in Pune on October 13th.  Here's ...

By Corporate Oct 05, 2018

Magento 2- Integration tests with PHP unit

Magento 2 provides different types of PHPUnit tests.

  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • Integration tests

By Kailash Lambe Oct 04, 2018

24-Hours Hackathon devoted to Blockchain for Good

{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='1920', height='1080', ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 04, 2018

KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) one can’t ignore to charge Magento performance

In the last blog we discussed the various aspects of e-commerce KPI metrics and why following the outward-driven-customer-centric approach is advantageous ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 04, 2018

What is Magento Business Intelligence and why you need it?

Recently Magento has come up with a new feature Magento Business Intelligence (aka Magento BI). In this blog post, I will run you through some of the most ...

By Shubh Sharma Oct 03, 2018

Magento 2 - How to add product's custom attribute to checkout summary

Adding custom attributes to Magento 2 Checkout is a complex task since the whole checkout is built up from a series of KnockoutJS components, which are then ...

By Sejal Shah Oct 01, 2018

Why e-commerce KPI should be outward driven and not inward?

To identify the metrics that help your online business grow is the key to improve your business and marketing decisions. Measuring those KPIs (Key ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 01, 2018

Nagios Continuous Monitoring Tool

Monitoring of the server is very important to save your project environment from any problems. It becomes the basic need to ensure that systems, ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Oct 01, 2018

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