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Technology stories that are worth - Week 17, 2017


Cloud storage solutions gaining popularity

Topics: Big data Cloud Applications Enterprise Mobility Hybrid SharePoint 2016 Predictive modelling

Digital Transformation and What it Could Mean for your Business?

Digital transformation has taken businesses all over by storm. However, there are still quite a few people who are unaware of the whole concept of digital transformation. However, this key term is something that all enterprises must focus on, as early as possible.

Topics: Digital Tranformation digital business transformation

Messaging Bots in Today’s Enterprises

Today, almost every knowledge worker suffers a software fatigue, which is experienced due to the inefficient task of using different applications at the same time. The whole process of multi-tasking becomes cumbersome as it requires efficient switching between different applications to collaborate with their colleagues at workplace and manage information. In such a scenario, ChatBots provide a useful alternative, by incorporating some of the great features of IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

Topics: Chatbots messaging bots

Why should you stop using Access Services for SharePoint Online?

Access Service for SharePoint Online is all about developing applications with the help of Microsoft Access database management system. The applications created using these services are easily accessible through a web browser.

Topics: Sharepoint Online Acess Services PowerApps Microsoft Flow

Cross channel marketing: Boon for your business

Modern day marketers have a lot of work to do, with an ever increasing number of ways to reach their prospects and customers. With internet making an enormous impact on consumer interaction and so many channels on offer, the consumers move from one channel to another during the researching and buying process.

Topics: marketing Digital Marketing cross channel marketing

Magento Commerce brings B2B capabilities to its Digital commerce cloud

Magento, a specialist in cloud commerce solutions, recently announced major developments in their product Magento Digital Commerce Cloud. With this release, business-to-business dealers can now meet the expectations of digitally connected customers’ in a cost-effective manner. The digital cloud will enable B2B dealers to integrate latest cloud enhancements with their business models and hence elevate their business success.

Topics: Magento Digital Commerce Magento B2B Magento Commerce Cloud Digital Commerce Cloud

Health Cloud features introduced by Salesforce

Several interesting features were propelled by Salesforce for its Health Cloud, a couple of months ago. The announcement was made at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference in Orlando, Florida.

Topics: Salesforce Salesforce Commerce Cloud Health Cloud

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 16, 2017


Mobile cloud computing paving the way for modern workers

Mobile cloud computing is an excellent approach to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern working procedures in terms of data storage and application development. Besides, if your devices are unable to access the corporate data and applications within a workplace then they are considered as futile. Here, mobile cloud computing can be favorable. 

Topics: Microsoft SharePoint IoT Office 365 Big data cloud computing Artificial Intelligence Global employee mobility

Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Governance to bolster security for Office 365

Last week, Microsoft released two Office 365 security products which included the Threat intelligence service and the Advance Data Governance solution especially designed to boost the Office 365 security and compliance capabilities. Back in February, the Office team launched the promo of these products but now these are available commercially.

Topics: Office 365 Threat intelligence Advance Data Governance Advance Threat Protection Office 365 security

Sales Metrics to Improve Customer Success

In most of the industries, it is always advisable to keep the current customers rather than to win new ones as losing a big account can impact the ROI greatly. Therefore, it is important that the sales leaders not only track the pipeline metrics, but also look into the insights of the customer success efforts. Customer success metrics reveal whether enough is being done to keep the customers hooked to your business and whether or not they are renewing the contracts.

Topics: analytics Sales Customer success

Tips for improving user experience for digital commerce

User experience is one of the vital aspects for any digital commerce business. It impacts user experience and helps in building the brand. However most of the time, user experience of the site is undermined and all the attention is directed towards improvising sales and conversion strategies. Are you aware that user experience is equally essential for improving sales and conversions?

Topics: User Experience Digital Commerce

Service cloud Einstein to integrate with Amazon Connect

Previously, enterprises were highly dependent on paper documentations. Later a huge computer revolution encountered, which toppled the traditional paradigm followed by cloud and mobile. However, over the years Salesforce has proven that success comes through continuous efforts. They have utilized these revolutionary innovations to build tools using App Cloud, Concierge, Lightening and much more.

Topics: AWS Salesforce Salesforce Einstein

How to Manage Windows IoT Core Devices with Azure IoT Hub?

IoT devices have a much more restricted connectivity, less local resources as compared to desktops, laptops and phones. They also lack a UI in many cases. Remote device management also requires devices to be provisioned for a device management service that adds a further challenge to this setup.

Topics: IoT Windows Azure IoT

Technology news from around the globe - Week 15 2017


Topics: Big data cloud computing Enterprise Collaboration Enterprise mobility management BYOx

Windows 10 Creators Update is out with some coolest features

The latest update to Windows 10 is here – Windows 10 version 1703, popularly known as Creators Update. Microsoft has been really working hard for quite some time to get these features live that have finally arrived. The reason to introduce this feature is to shun the overloading issues for the download servers.

So, you must be wondering, what are the new features in the Creators Update? Let’s have a close look at some of the features.

Topics: Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Dynamic locking Creators Update Game Mode

Data Fuels Action: Data to Drive Enterprise Success

Most enterprises today aim to become data-driven companies. However, to be data-driven means cultivating a mindset throughout the fabric of the entrepreneurship in order to use analytics and make fact-based decisions for business. Companies that have used data driven decision-making philosophy are expected to benefit more in the age of digital transformation. You could use the data about the market or any business scenario and take appropriate actions to mend outcomes in your favor.

Topics: analytics Data

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 14, 2017

New fads in cloud computing infrastructure 

Topics: Microsoft Office 365 Big data cloud computing Enterprise mobility management Threat intelligence Advance Data Governance

ServicePoint365 to bring project management capability to Office 365 SharePoint Online

ServicePoint365 is an Office365 and SharePoint app having an intuitive and excellent user interface design with a refined architecture and it is built to manage the content placement in a well-structured format. ServicePoint365 enables customers to scrutinize where the content information is generated and stored.

ServicePoint365 consists of centers designed to augment various management functions such as project management, knowledge management, client management, prospect management and beyond.

In this blog, we will talk about how ServicePoint365 helps the Office 365 SharePoint Online customers to manage their project content.

ServicePoint365 facilitates the Office 365 customers to provide collaborative solutions for internal as well as external project management. With ServicePoint365 customers can impeccably share project related information with their peers. However, they will have to consider the security aspects of cloud storage. Additionally, it offers a project management capabilities to SharePoint Online in an affordable and integrated manner which can be easily managed with Office 365 platform.

The purpose of ServicePoint365 is to encompass the collaboration and content management features within Office 365 SharePoint applications. To leverage its benefits customers can install ServicePoint365 to their Office 365 SharePoint environment and experience the benefits of a secured and collaborative platform.

One can have access to ServicePoint365 through tools available on cloud marketplace. Absolutely, ServicePoint365 is the pioneer of Microsoft Office 365 applications designed for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.
Topics: Microsoft SharePoint Office 365 project management ServicePoint365

Salesforce Einstein is AI in business technology

Yes, every business has customers where they are supposed to be nurtured and taken care of. That’s the reason businesses make sure their CRM platforms are optimized and built using latest technologies. Speaking about CRM, few months ago Salesforce announced Einstein, an artificial intelligence Salesforce CRM platform well-known for its smartness and advance capabilities.

During the announcement, Salesforce revealed that with the help of Einstein, data models can be built automatically irrespective of the products customized by the customers. Salesforce stated that Einstein will use artificial intelligence to build next generation AI-based applications.

Using Salesforce Einstein for your business is all about being a data scientist empowering artificial intelligence to foster customer relationship. With Einstein, you can derive conclusions automatically by collecting data from CRM, calendars, emails, social media platforms, ERP and IoT devices. Einstein is a brilliant technology build to strengthen the decision-making process by switching the focus to customer relationship.

With Einstein as an extension to CRM, one can bring in artificial intelligence to business. Earlier, only big companies such as Facebook and Google could leverage artificial intelligence but now with Einstein even small businesses can climb the success ladder by incorporating artificial intelligence.
Einstein is developed using powerful technologies to power artificial intelligence and make the business process seamless. As every Einstein feature communicates with each other there is no obligation to prepare the data manually or manage the models separately.

Here is what you can do with Einstein:

  • Envisage sales prospects
  • Resolve customer queries beforehand
  • Provide an excellent and personalized customer experience
  • Develop apps with integrated intelligence
Truly, Einstein is an AI in business technology!
Topics: Artificial Intelligence Salesforce Einstein

Digital Commerce to be pushed due to mobile growth

Considering last year statistics, digital commerce has grown by 19% whereas 52% of growth has been observed in mobile commerce industry. According to Salesforce Shopping Index, there are 500 million shoppers available globally till date. These statistics are clear indication that in coming days, mobile and digital commerce are going boom like never before driven by the power of social media.

Not only Salesforce Shopping Index but according to comScore’s report, mobile spending during the month November and December led to 21% of mobile spending which was up to $80 billion. However, with this report we can conclude almost every millennial uses smart phone for the purpose of shopping.

Salesforce reports indicates that nowadays, consumers are more inclined towards mobile payment options, responsible to bring in more conversion rates from the perspective of mobile shopping.
Salesforce have also researched well on the on-site search from which they discovered, on-site search have unlocked new opportunities for leading advancement in technologies such as visual image search, voice search and image search based on artificial intelligence solutions.

In conclusion, if the retailers are further looking to encourage digital commerce then they must continue to provide mobile shopping services to their consumers including tools consumers are looking to find relevant products. Facilitating consumers with various search options such as voice and image can help them to elevate the success of digital commerce irrespective of what consumers choose to shop online.
Topics: Mobile Commerce Salesforce Digital Commerce Mobile Shopping

Setting up SFTP Server on Amazon EC2

SFTP also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol, enables a secured data transfer between SFTP server and client machine. SFTP encrypts both data and commands and also protects passwords and sensitive information from being transferred openly over the network. This is very helpful solution if someone has concerns about their data security and is looking for secured data transfer between the system and server.

Topics: sftp Amazon Amazon EC2 EC2 Ubuntu

No wonder that Salesforce named a leader in B2C Commerce Suites

Salesforce have really worked hard to create Einstein by collaborating cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. Salesforce’s agenda to leverage these technologies is to provide an excellent shopping experience to the customers because the commerce world is evolving and at the same time customer expectations.

Salesforce’s remarkable efforts were appreciated and rewarded by Forrester. They named the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, known as Commerce Cloud Einstein as the leader in the Forrester Wave: B2C Commerce Suites Q1 2017. In the report, Forrester has mentioned that Salesforce has demonstrated inevitable abilities by utilizing AI and data-driven decision making approach.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein have topped the charts for market presence. The report talks about how Salesforce Commerce is an excellent blend of marketing, sales and services. It is one of the best suitable option for the businesses desiring strong, robust and highly scalable cloud platform.

Jeff Barnet, CEO, Cloud Commerce Salesforce said, “Digitization is influencing the commerce industry. The more connected customers, the more brand visibility.” He also stated, “The commerce transformation will bring in various opportunities for the brands and revolutionize the commerce experience by making it smarter, more personalized and engaging.”

The traditional systems are not capable enough to connect with different consumer channels for buying purpose. They are not flexible and are too costly to cope with the ever changing market landscape. Hence, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is far better and provides flexibility and agility to businesses and facilitates them to provide a personalized experience to the customers.

Salesforce Cloud Commerce is an excellent invention in itself. Being one of the most powerful CRM platform it helps brands to innovate in the dynamic consumer driven world. It empowers brands to deliver unique experiences to their customers by leveraging sales, service, marketing, analytics and IoT.
Topics: Salesforce Einstein Watson Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Office 365 – A way to modernize the work at enterprises

The technological revolution has surely made the world a better place and has simplified the way things are done. This revolution has even opened new doors for enterprises empowering to manage huge amount of data and fostering collaboration and connectivity within a workplace. Microsoft Office 365 is the best platform signifying this transformation.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint are the finest combinations offering great features and helping enterprises in their journey of digital transformation. By embracing these leading-edge technologies, enterprises can improvise the customer experience and evolve accordingly. Besides, enterprises can generate new business opportunities and improve brand visibility.

Mentioned below are few pointers driving digital transformation through Office 365.

  • With Office 365, employees have the liberty to work from any place using any device, irrespective of the geographical limitations. Office 365 being cloud based gets the latest updates automatically by making sure the installed software is as per the standard.
  • Office 365 offers seamless features such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which makes it extremely simple and flawless for the users. It also provides wide array of collaboration tools that are secure enough to share sensitive information amongst the peers.
  • One of the major strengths of Office 365 is collaboration. With Office 365 one can connect with their peers and sharing useful information such documents and reports. This can help the team members to stay updated with relevant information and connected.
For Office 365 migration an experienced “Digital Transformation” partner is recommended. This can help the enterprises to contemplate the customer engagement efficiently by boosting the productivity of the employees and similarly optimizing the operations.
Topics: Microsoft SharePoint Digital Enterprise Office 365 Digital Transfrmation

Digital Commerce, holistic e-Business view for enterprises

According to industry experts, by 2018 the landscape of market will advance considering the business paradigm and therefore enterprises must be prepared for this huge evolution. Enterprises must streamline their strategies to develop a direct consumer model as the market is just not limited to retailers. Having an established strategy on a global level is mandatory for enterprises who are keen to connect with consumers personally.

With massive adoption of mobile devices, more than half of e-commerce is done on mobile and tablets. This technological acceleration is transforming consumer behavior and the mobile commerce growth is forcing enterprises to provide a multi-channel experience to consumers, be it through mobile, online, stores or by other platforms.

To reach wide-range of consumers, enterprises are looking to provide integrated e-commerce services. However, they are oblivious of the fact that reaching to consumers across the globe and infiltrating the market requires more efforts rather than just having an online presence. Market offers various opportunities for business growth but there are lot of business that are on the edge of digital commerce and skeptical about how to proceed with it.

Digital commerce is not about setting up a technology infrastructure online to sell products. Rather it is about digital transformation, where it is equally vital for enterprises to appreciate the essence of it. Enterprises will have to evaluate where they truly stand in terms of digital commerce and transform their business processes accordingly. Comprehending the short term and long term business goals can help them in providing an excellent digital commerce experience to the consumers.

Usually, enterprises rush towards using latest technology for building a digital commerce platform without knowing the customer expectations. They tend to invest into wrong functionality and ignore the long term objectives. To avoid these, enterprises can follow an agile and pragmatic deployment approach. Being open to optimization can provide them flexibility while acclimating new solutions.

As the digital commerce process is a complex one, enterprises should look for real partners to collaborate to understand the perspective of technology as well as the business. The partner with whom enterprises are planning collaboration must have technological expertise and end-to-end commerce solutions to support the enterprises long-term goals.

To sum up, as enterprises grapple in gauging the latest technologies and opportunities they must prioritize their business goals. Yes, there are lot of technologies available in the market but enterprises must not follow the crowd and make sure what is suitable for them. Enterprises must embrace digital commerce completely but success will come only when they contemplate the changing consumer requirements and how to establish a direct consumer relationship.
Topics: digital business transformation Digital Commerce

Appreciation increases the productivity of organization

To empower an organization, you have to empower its people, and thus every superior should take it into consideration to talk and evaluate the performances of team members working for them.

Appreciation at work place nurtures well-being of the team members and success directly, as well as indirectly, through building and maintaining social bonds, encouraging helping, and building trust. Moreover it is motivating and inspiring to do your work more productively.

Topics: employee management employee appreciation

3 important points to remember while gathering requirements for finance applications

Requirement gathering is extremely vital for any development activity. Usually, clients share business processes, but the other surrounding aspects are identified by business analyst, who later transform the requirements into a detailed project scope.

Topics: Business Analysis Requirement gathering Finance applications

Algorithmic Content Creation for Creating Quizzes, Assignments

In the last blog we saw that algorithmic trading can open new doors in the world of e-Learning. The content can springboard into existence quickly and can be maneuvered to achieve near perfect refinement. The learning content takes better shape each time and the software can adjust the parameters of skill-level and demographic to sculpt this shape.

Topics: e-learning Content Creation Algorithms

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