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Utilizing SharePoint to increase business revenue

Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration platform, is widely used as a digital tool, especially when it comes to enterprises. In addition, it is used by these enterprises to increase productivity and enhance ability of employees within a workplace.

Most of the enterprises mainly rely for survival and growth on sales and marketing activities and seek to generate good revenue from the activities. However these enterprises, always welcome new technologies and environments that drive their business revenue further. For enterprises to generate more and consistent revenue, the key solution is excellent collaboration with customers and staff members. If marketing and sales individuals are able to collaborate with their customers and track their whereabouts, there are high chances of maximizing the ROI.

So, if your enterprise already owns an Office 365 subscription then utilizing SharePoint for managing sales and marketing activities can be rewarding. SharePoint can be used to ease the communication process within the team and of course the customers. SharePoint can act as a common portal where the team and other member can share the ideas and have discussions.

Let’s find out how SharePoint can help sales and marketing team to maximize the ROI of enterprises:

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SharePoint to simplify your marketing efforts

Microsoft SharePoint is preferably known for its collaboration tool and content management system. But are you aware that SharePoint can also help you in abridging your marketing efforts by provisioning of excellent tools and techniques. This might consist of demographic behavior analysis, web analytics and tracking of progress.

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User authentication & access privilege checking in AngularJS application


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Technology news from around the globe - Week 4, 2017

Cloud to be considered as topmost priority

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Insightful tips CIOs must not ignore in 2017

CIOs of enterprises are under tremendous pressure to innovate and evolve according to the ever changing business dynamics. CIOs have to constantly look for better solutions in order to enhance the business productivity and agility while contemplating the technical aspects.

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Smart Classrooms : Futuristic education in the present day with IoT

Classrooms were one of the places that stayed relatively untouched by technological revolution. Sure, there were computers and projectors that came along. Teachers aided their teaching regimen with presentations. Universities saw digitized examinations, online submission of assignments, library management systems and sometimes, the implementation of ERPs. But majority of the actual teaching still happened and happens with the help of physical aides. The teacher always needs to go to the board and engage his or her chalking skills to elaborate upon a point. While that is handy and gets the job done even in large corporate auditoriums, it is not the best thing for classrooms.

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Google starts testing Instant Apps

Google at last made its much awaited announcement to take its first steps on what it had promised at last year’s Google I/O developer conference - the announcement of Instant Apps for Android. Yes, Google has made its first official move on getting the Instant Apps live to its users.

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5 reasons enterprises should migrate to SharePoint 2016

On 4th May 2016, Microsoft announced the readiness of SharePoint 2016 server having an ability for on-premise content and collaboration. With the new release, Microsoft has managed to provide great features with improved hybrid cloud services, cloud integration and collaboration. To know more about the newly introduced features of SharePoint 2016, refer what’s next for SharePoint 2016?

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Salesforce considerations for CIOs

Salesforce has been a real boon to businesses. Also, over the years Salesforce has improved and have taken the concept of CRM to another level. In the business world, Salesforce is considered as special by CIOs because it blends well with business applications, offers tools with application exchange and has a user-friendly interface.

There is no surprise, CIOs are positively considering and implementing Salesforce for the betterment of business. But are they aware of the key considerations? Usually CIOs focus on bigger picture while implementing Salesforce for their business. They put a lot of emphasis on revenue generation, sales opportunities and support. But they fail to consider the granular aspects that are equally important to drive the success of Salesforce application.

This blog explains the considerations that CIOs must think upon while implementing Salesforce.

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Digital Commerce: 10 user engagement strategies

In today’s digital world, it has become highly essential for enterprises to implement wide-ranging strategies to engage with users in significant manner. Furthermore, enterprises must be aware of user behavior and should utilize these digital strategies in order to succeed in dynamic technological landscape.  

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Packer 0.12.1

What is Packer?

  • Packer is an open source, lightweight tool created by Hashicorp that runs on most of the major operating systems
  • It is used to create machine images for multiple platforms. It has a high performance and creates machine images for different platforms in parallel
  • Packer is easy to use. It holds modern configuration management by encouraging use of tools like Puppet, Chef to install and configure various software packages in machine images

What is a Machine Image?

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e-Zest to embark new beginning with Philia 2017


The celebration of vibrant event Philia continues! Philia, the annual event of e-Zest provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate their achievements. When we started our journey 16 years ago, our primary goal was to make our clients more successful in their endeavors. e-Zest employees have worked very hard to build up a company where we deliver our promises. Philia is a great way to celebrate accomplishments and keep up motivations for the new beginnings.

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 03, 2017


Cloud intelligence to unlock new aspects of cloud

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What’s next for SharePoint 2016?

After waiting for such a long time, SharePoint 2016 is finally out. If you have been using SharePoint 2013 for a while, you might wonder what’s so different about SharePoint 2016. Looking further, there are numerous features in SharePoint 2016 that are different from SharePoint 2013.So, let us find out the new features of SharePoint 2016.

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Digital commerce: It’s time for enterprises to rethink!

Digital commerce has taken the world by storm and there is just no stopping it. However, digital commerce is also reshaping business models by discarding traditional methods. Earlier, when people had to buy something, they usually visited the store nearby and were able locate the store by looking at the signboards. Presently, digitization has totally transformed the way people shop and have forced enterprises to rethink upon their business strategy.  

With respect to transformation, most of the enterprises are all set to ride on the digital wave. Enterprises are leveraging digital commerce to acquire more customers, drive customer relationship and generate more revenue. However, with these new beginnings enterprises have to face a lot of challenges which can readily impact their digital commerce business.  

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Tech story roundup - Week 02, 2017


Cloud to save cost and reduce stress of on-premise IT 

Cloud has been a real boon to businesses especially, the small and medium ones. Absolutely, a wide-range of services are offered by cloud giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google in terms of cloud. These large enterprises are encouraging the SMBs to move their on-premise infrastructure to their datacenters.

Read more:

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RethinkDB: Introduction

What is Rethink DB?

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Mobile payments - Will this industry be able to cope with the digital commerce trends?

If we compare past decade with present, the actual retail markets gain their profit from digital stream instead of physically present stores, and this is going to continue for a while. Hence, there is no harm in saying that one day - the physical and digital world will converge and those will conquer the trend will be the market leaders - and this is extremely correct.

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Points to remember by businesses while implementing Salesforce

Salesforce is for every business. Whether you are selling clothes, cars or pizza, Salesforce is required by every segment of the workforce. Over the years, Salesforce has managed to influence both businesses and technology groups because Salesforce has accomplished something which no company was able to achieve during the commencement of cloud computing.

Businesses love the idea of Salesforce, as it’s a powerful ecosystem having best CRM features. Salesforce provides a great control over the application, processes and data. It is also an excellent reporting and analytics tool that accelerates project implementation and help businesses to track project whereabouts. For administrators, Salesforce is a blessing, as it allows them to develop full-fledged applications without any technical experience.

Developers and technology enthusiasts like Salesforce as it provides a bunch of outstanding functionalities important for any enterprise application. Salesforce offers excellent ability for security, emails, authentication and collaboration.

Implementing Salesforce can help businesses to sell in a better manner. While implementing, stakeholders must be aware of technicalities and must make sure that the implementation is executed strategically.
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Integrating Twilio in Azure Web App for Phone and SMS

In line of business apps or large enterprise apps you must have seen some automation for sharing feedback over email and connecting over Live Chat. Phone and SMS are another effective way to connect. Twilio as a product allows you to achieve automation of SMS and voice calling. It can be used for different applications, especially for technical support with clients.Twilio allows developers to programmatically make or receive phone calls and text messages using rich set of APIs

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SharePoint - Simplifying the life of government

SharePoint is one of the widely used platform, especially in the government sector, because of its collaboration and content management features. SharePoint helps government organizations to reduce cost and deliver services to the common people effectively. Apart from providing excellent service to people, SharePoint lets the government organizations to improvise their internal functions and operations. 

So, let us find out how SharePoint’s invincible features enable the government to streamline their internal processes and operations.
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Mobile app security: Introduction

Mobile application security is nearly zero today.

Mobile technology has been the next big innovation that has been driving tremendous benefit and value in IT space after web. Every business is trying to get this smart solution on their finger tips for deeper reach. The disruption has been huge in every domain right from banking, retail to health sector. But as these solutions are coming down on smart mobile devices the current IT world is rarely bothered about the amount of private data store shared on mobile phones.

Over that, barely any of the innovation agencies are thinking about security of the personal and private data that has started residing on the mobile devices. The trend is pretty much the same as it was for initial times of dot-com boom, where solutions were more focused on experiences, engagement and adoption and very little on the security breaches.

Going through the stats available on internet, the 2016 report on App security from a leading institution on IT security says that 90% of app had major security vulnerabilities. More concerning about this survey is, even the consumer in the space fail to realise this apps are not safe, which means even the awareness of security around mobile application is very low at end user level.

Even though, the security critical tech-organizations are extending their conventional security frameworks for web to mobile. OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) a non-profit organisation took up the responsibility of differentiating and standardising security risks for mobile channel.

OWASP research has come up with top ten mobile risks as stated below:
  •     M1: Weak Server Side Controls
  •     M2: Insecure Data Storage
  •     M3: Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  •     M4: Unintended Data Leakage
  •     M5: Poor Authorization and Authentication
  •     M6: Broken Cryptography
  •     M7: Client Side Injection
  •     M8: Security Decisions Via Untrusted Inputs
  •     M9: Improper Session Handling
  •     M10: Lack of Binary Protections

Even though every risks stated above are important for security, I would like to focus on discussing the top three important points which have lower awareness even being crucial for security and at last the 10th for binary protection extending it for defensive programming.

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Interesting Digital Commerce trends for 2017

2017 is finally here and the d-commerce business is already on rise. There is no harm in saying that digital commerce has a bright future and it is likely to flourish in coming years. However, if you are not acclimating and progressing to meet your customer demands then there are high chances of failure. A small shop owner will have to enhance their selling techniques to attract customers and keep up with the online giants like Amazon. This will be same in every facet of our life such as an online pizza delivery guy will be replaced by drones in coming future.  

So, to avoid falling behind the ferocious competition, you must be aware of the current d-commerce trends. Considering these trends you can strategize your business approach and be prepared for approaching challenges. These trends have huge insinuations and are going to stay here for a while.
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How to develop a successful e-Commerce portal?

e-Commerce shops are starting at a rapid pace and shutting with a similar pace. Ever wondered why such initiatives fade away in competition? A simple reason is lack of sustainability which is achieved by mitigating the risks, and to mitigate the risks one must identify them.

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Deploying SharePoint in Azure

Are you considering upgrading your SharePoint platform? Are you thinking which cloud environment will be a suitable option for SharePoint? The answer is Microsoft Azure, as it gives you a complete SharePoint deployment. Usually businesses opt for Office 365 which includes SharePoint Online as one of the feature.  

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 01, 2017


Focusing on bare-metal servers in cloud 

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Puppet for beginners installation and configuration in Ubuntu 14.04


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Why Salesforce is considered as best CRM by the businesses?

Are you in some sort of business and you have to interact and connect with lots of people? Is it true, a lot of bustle is happening around you? You work hard to convert your prospects into customers and later provide support, right? Carrying out above mentioned activities can be difficult, if you do not have an appropriate system to track and manage all those customer interactions.

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Points to remember when rebuilding your software product

Have you decided to rebuild your software product? By some means, if you are unable to decide then read my blog post here. My blog will guide you to decide, the right time you should consider rebuilding your software product.

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Launching an e-commerce site

As per Forrester research B2B e-Commerce forecast, 2015 to 2020, the share of total B2B sales will rise from 8.5% in 2014 to 12.1 % in 2020. Many enterprises are planning to take their brick and mortar shops online across industries. And goal cannot be achieved just by going online, what is required in today’s customer centric world, is to create a seamless omni-channel experience for their end users. The customer can shop online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store, the key is to make the experience seamless.

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