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Tech story roundup - Week 53, 2016


Cloud computing will continue to flourish

Amazon Web Services is taking over the computing world including servers, data storage and also impacting the internet of things. Microsoft Azure and Google’s cloud platform are also having the same kind of effect on the cloud world. Hence, cloud computing is influencing the world and is present everywhere.

Topics: Big data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Cloud

IoT and e-Learning

The Internet of Things has been taking almost every industry by a jolt. If Gartner’s prediction of 25 billion connected things by 2020 is anything to go by then the proliferation is only going to increase. e-Learning has been affected by the growth of mobile devices and the oncoming of cloud computing. Hence this upheaval in technology is also impacting e-Learning towards making it more powerful and enriching.

Topics: IoT e-learning

Marketing and Sales collaboration results business through intelligence

Industries often faces challenges in identifying qualified prospects. This has been occurring quite frequently in this competitive market and the main reason is the non-alignment of marketing and sales team. Typically industry feels somewhere marketing is cost center and sales are revenue source, but in reality both are complimentary factor. In order to have sufficient qualified opportunities in pipeline, content always remains the major critical factor. Content has several meanings in context, but in business it means how clearly the offerings and results of the offerings are highlighted and shared across industry. It is more important to pass on the information precisely and clearly, rather than focusing on the source of shared information.

Topics: marketing marketing and sales collaboration Sales

SharePoint enabling corporate communications

Organizations usually consider SharePoint applications for complex internal purposes, because of the wide-range features offered by it. These features include content management, collaboration, application development proficiency and security. However with the above mentioned features, SharePoint allows organizations to communicate internally in a seamless manner. If your organization has selected SharePoint as a platform then there are lot of features available to be leveraged for your internal communication.

But before moving forward on how we can leverage SharePoint for communication, it is vital to understand the importance of internal communications and why to use SharePoint for communication purpose?

Internal communication is an integral part of any organization. Communication is responsible for seamless execution of any operation and also promotes employee engagement. Within an organization, communication leads the way for performance, productivity and boosts the confidence of the team members. This clearly explains why communication is considered as the pillar of any organization.

Furthermore, SharePoint is scalable, flexible and is already available in your organization. You just need to explore in detail, how to benefit from the features offered by SharePoint for smooth internal communication.

Below are the ways, how you can benefit from the features offered by SharePoint.

Topics: SharePoint SharePoint corporate communications Intranet

Difference between various view libraries with their reviews

Every other week there is evolution of new JavaScript library taking the web community by storm! The web community is increasingly getting energetic, diverse and is moving rapidly on multiple fronts. It would be very difficult to survey every major JavaScript framework and library. Instead, in the bellow document I’ll share some of the most famous and influential ones for front-end development. So here are some top JavaScript web front-end framework, libraries & tools and when to use them.

Topics: view libraries React Polymer Vue KnockOut RIOT Epoxy Meteor Stapes Rivets

When is the right moment to rebuild your software product?

With the technological evolution, a lot of frameworks and languages are been launched and discarded simultaneously. Furthermore, various tools and techniques are being used by enterprises suitable to their standards and application requirement. However, with this drastic innovation, enterprises are skeptical whether their existing software products need to be updated or must be rebuilt with the latest available technologies.

Below are few points for enterprises to know when their software are due for rebuilding.

Topics: software rebuild rebuilding software product

Understanding the e-Commerce space

In the ongoing boom in the e-commerce industry, new players are joining the race every new day and several are shutting down as well. But the race is on, and those are funded well are topping the charts. Before entering into the e-commerce space, it is important to understand the domain from a functional as well as IT perspective.

Topics: e-commerce B2B B2C B2G G2C

Switching to automation testing

Fruitful testing is the key for successful project. However, managing and running tests manually can be waste of time and money. That’s why many organizations are choosing to utilize automated testing in order to maximize efficiency and make the best use of resources. A test automation strategy is an ideal way for teams to focus on features of a project to be automated. Some factors that influence whether a project requires manual or automated testing includes budget, timeline, expertise and project specifications. Of course, the goal for any project is to deliver a quality product in a timely and cost-effective manner. Automation testing can help to do that.

Topics: Automation testing Manual to Automation testing

Assistive technologies enabling specially-abled

For people with disabilities, assistive technologies can be extremely beneficial. Assistive technologies offer solution for disabled people by making them independent, productive and enable their participation in the social world. So, what does assistive technology exactly mean? Assistive technology is a broad term which includes assistive and adaptive devices to help disable people.

People having intellectual disabilities can leverage assistive technology for wide range of tasks such as communication, routine activities such as cooking or walking, accessing media with excellent mobility and security. Other hardware solutions such as keyboards, computer mouse are also available for disabled people. Furthermore, voice recognition enables people with disability and vision impairment to manage and access their computer.

Assistive technology is essential for people with disabilities as it enables them to engage and perform multiple tasks. Nowadays, lot of disabled people are utilizing assistive technologies and unlocking their potential with the use of technology. By having access to assistive technology, disabled individuals can

Topics: technology for disabled Assistive technology

Tech story roundup - Week 52, 2016

This Christmas, leverage cloud to manage your data

Topics: Big data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Making technology smarter

Robotic Process Automation is one of the emerging technologies in the digital era. It is an application of technology having proficiency in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It performs repetitive task more promptly, rigorously, and tirelessly than humans. This helps to make humans reprieve to apply their skills like emotional quotient, interpretation, segmentation, judgment and interaction with their respective patron or clientele at appropriate place.  Not only this, if RPA tools are collaborated with cognitive technology, it is worth noting that RPA will become intellective.

Topics: AI Robotic Process Automation RPA

The Science of Managing Projects in IT

Organizations strive to achieve successful completion and implementation of the projects, while there are several hurdles and bottlenecks to be cleared while the project heads towards the deadline. Project Management is a scientific process to ensure successful completion of projects, be it any process in the organization. Though it does involve the art of managing people, primary objective is to handle the work efficiently in a scientific manner, contributing to achieving the organizational goals.

Some of the key points important to efficiently manage projects are:

Topics: project management IT Projects IT

4 reasons why hybrid SharePoint 2016 is best for your business?

Considering past conferences, Microsoft clearly supported its cloud-first strategy. Microsoft articulated that cloud will pave the way for innovation, therefore their upcoming products will become cloud-only. In Ignite 2015 conference Microsoft stated, they will primarily focus on hybrid environment as the unique combination of SharePoint Server on-premises and Office 365 SharePoint Online. This rare hybrid combination proposed by Microsoft was to help enterprises in achieving their business goals.

So before moving ahead with the benefits, let us have a close look on what is SharePoint hybrid?

By opting the hybrid environment, enterprises can stay connected with their users from any geographical location and can provide them access to the resources and content. A hybrid environment can enable enterprises to leverage cloud services and offerings by outspreading the on-premise investment to cloud. Enterprises can also relocate their resources to cloud in order to comply the organizational strategies with the help of hybrid functionality.

Below are 4 reasons on why hybrid SharePoint is best for your business:

  1. Hybrid search feature – The search is an amazing feature offered by hybrid functionality. Hybrid search enables you to search for files through SharePoint server and SharePoint online. With hybrid search, you can search and access content from both the systems using single search box with quantified results. Instead of having two separate search box, this feature provides a great experience with single search option.
  2. Hybrid OneDrive – Using OneDrive for storing files and content can be an easy process. If it is SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint online, users can click OneDrive link on the navigation bar where they will be redirected to Office 365. Office 365 is a great tool which can help you to reduce your on-premise storage cost by moving your content to cloud.
  3. Hybrid extranet sites – With Office 365 you can create partner facing extranet sites. This extranet sites enables you to collaborate with your partners and share relevant files and content securely, without accessing the corporate on-premise environment.
  4. Hybrid app launcher – It allows administrators to improve the user experience. Once this feature is enabled, users can flawlessly navigate between on-premise SharePoint Server and Office 365 by accessing the video apps, Office 365 Delve including Office 365 tiles that appear in the SharePoint server app launcher.

There are other offerings of hybrid such as SharePoint hybrid auditing and hybrid taxonomy which are still in the preview mode. Hybrid with SharePoint 2016 provides us with a great combination of innovation and different cloud experiences. So, are you ready to leverage the benefits offered by hybrid SharePoint 2016?

Topics: SharePoint 2016 Hybrid SharePoint 2016 Hybrid search Hybrid OneDrive Hybrid extranet sites Hybrid app launcher


OWASP ZAP is an open-source web security testing tool, used for detecting vulnerabilities in web applications.

ZAP provides you with configured automated scanners as well as a set of tools that allows you to detect vulnerabilities and threats manually. It is designed for people with a wide range of security expertise and is in a way ideal for developers and functional testers who are new to penetration testing and is also a useful to an experienced pen tester’s skillset.

This is a cross-platform tool written in Java, available in all of the operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

OWASP ZAP 2.5.0 has four modes:

Topics: Java OWASP ZAP Modes OWASP ZAP 2.5.0 OWASP

Code Reuse – Why too much is too bad?

Reusable code is considered as an important entity in the world of programming. Not writing the same piece of code again and again, instead moving ahead with building something new based on what has been written already. Though with best intentions, we continue to practice the same approach, still we fail to understand the essence of it and hence, we are not able to deliver the results as expected.

Reusing your code doesn’t mean how quickly you get to develop your final product; instead it means how rapidly you are able to modify it.
So, as you move further with code reusability, here are few things you should consider.

At present, microservices are ruling the backend world. However, applying the reuse approach to micorservices can work out really well. Microservices are great in terms of code reusability, as they are based on the idea of fragmenting large systems into smaller chunks. However, reusing any internal logic between the different microservices might not work perfectly.

Another important factor you must think upon is while reusing the shared code. Consider you have developed and deployed same product for three clients. Your code is shared amongst them. Now comes the irony, reusing the code which is already written can enable us in saving lot of time but, if your code is shared inherently it will be much difficult for you to modify it. This can be a complex process because once your code is deployed, you should consider all parameters and keep the client into your mind while changing the code as it might affect all of them equally.

Furthermore, while developing code for your project, it is a must that all of the development is done by the core team members. Because, if any of the modifications are demanded by client and the development is done by other team in the same organization, this might result in a huge knowledge gap. Apart from it, the core team members will have to re-implement the functionalities as per their own set of rules.

If you are looking to alter database queries or APIs, code reusability might actually make sense. But, if there is some part of the code which is supposed to be regularly modified then it is better to develop your own solution. Regular changes in the code are directly proportional to the cost and the benefits of the deployed product. There are high chances that the frequent code changes might incur high cost and result in losing the core value of the code. So, regular changes in the code must be least important, instead it is necessary to think upon building your own solution.

Lastly, it is essential to set clear boundaries and decide the best practices code for reuse without hampering other components of the code. Code reusability must be considered only when it is required and must be carried out carefully.

Code reusability if not done appropriately can be harmful to your product and can impact your client credibility. However, code reusability can provide with lot of benefits if done correctly.
Topics: Reusable code Code resuability

How Compensation leads to Organizational Competitiveness

Compensation can be a two-edged sword if it is not managed properly

Topics: HR Human Resource Compensatio Organizational Competitiveness Workforce Performance management

Best practices which can boost SharePoint performance

SharePoint one of the widely accepted product by Microsoft which is an excellent collaboration platform. However, application performance is very vital for deploying SharePoint successfully.  

This blog post highlights the best practices to boost performance of the SharePoint application.

Distinct internet network for front-end and SQL servers: 
There is a common myth, if a server is has a high internet connectivity, there will be abundant supply of bandwidth for all required operations. Conversely, SharePoint system gives priority to SQL server for service jobs, search indexing and others. Thus to avoid conflict, it is essential to have a separate network connection for front-end and SQL server via physical network or virtual LAN.

Quarantine search indexing:
A usual farm server is combined of web front end servers, application server and SQL database server. Search traffic generated by index server must be processed by servers delivering content. Another way to avoid clash is adding a separate server to the farm which is dedicated to index search queries. The administrator can later configure search service to perform crawls for dedicated server.  

Topics: SharePoint Performance Ways to boost SharePoint performance

Responsive design driving the mobile learning industry

Considering the last decade, adoption of mobile devices has increased rapidly. There is hardly any industry not leveraging the benefits offered by mobile devices. Organizations are also considering mobile devices in the workplace to provide flexibility and convenience to employees in terms of learning and education.

As learning on mobile devices offers employees easy access to the training content, they tend to face lot of challenges. Considering the past scenario, content was mainly viewed on desktop and that is no longer the case. Currently, training content is viewed on multiple devices like tablet, Kindle, smartphones etc as it provides ease of use and accessibility.

However to eliminate the challenges, it is vital to make your learning content responsive. In other words, training content must be flexibly designed in order to adjust automatically according to the screen size of mobile devices. Furthermore, responsive design facilitates the organizations with BYOD policy to save money by encouraging the training participation.  

Additionally, with responsive content, learners are able to focus on the content rather than navigating other apps and features. Responsive design provides the learner with an ability to start their training on a particular device and transition it to some other device in order to finish it.  

So, if you are still not certain about considering responsive design for your learning content, then you need to check this out. Every employee in an organization has one or the other mobile devices. However, if they are compelled to use the office desktop for training they may feel outmoded and this might eventually result in poor training participation. In addition, your training objectives might remain incomplete.

You can leverage a lot of benefits if you consider designing your training content in responsive way. Though there might be some additional efforts required, it is worth giving a shot. However, consulting a third party partner can be favorable who can guide you to incorporate your courses in responsive design. 
Topics: mobile learning Responsive design for mobile Responsive design for mobile learning Mobile learning with responsive design

Agile approach for Fixed Price projects

Agile today has become a key project management methodology across industries as it is convenient and beneficial for customers as well as vendors.

Topics: project management Agile Methodology Agile Fixed Price projects

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 51, 2016

Tech digest week 51.png

6 important things to consider for a seamless cloud migration

Topics: Big data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

SharePoint Non-HA Farm on Azure

This blog contains the information about setting up the infrastructure for SharePoint Non-HA Farm on Azure IaaS Virtual Machines (VM).

SharePoint Non-HA Farm architecture

Topics: CMS Sharepoint Online SharePoint SharePoint 2016 Azure

Moving your SharePoint workload to Azure – Things you should know

SharePoint is the backbone of majority of enterprises today and has become an integral part of daily business for many. SharePoint is not just used as Document Management System but also leveraged as a product in many enterprises which is capable of running business processes, workflows and hosting applications within it. Many enterprises have done customization of SharePoint and now using it as product for their business as well as their customers.

Topics: CMS PaaS IaaS SharePoint 2016 Collaboration Enterprise Enterprise 2.0 Azure Azure Cloud

Introduction to TypeScript

In this article we are going to learn TypeScript. Definition of TypeScript its purpose and also a simple “Hello World” example.

Topics: TypeScript Introduction to TypeScript

Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Technology Wave

Among the technologies that will drive the next big technology wave, we bring you emerging technologies that will change businesses and enterprises of all sizes, specifically in enterprise domain - how we collaborate and get work done.

Topics: IoT Big data Augmented Reality Technology Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning IoT technologies Virtual assistants and bots Automation Emerging technologies Serverless computing Microservices

Points to contemplate before automation testing

In recent years, automation testing within software industry has transformed at all stages. Irrespective of its popularity, a lot of difference has been observed in the adoption level of automation, owing to different quality parameters and demands of customers. Automation testing is nothing but a process of reducing repetitive and redundant tasks to ease out your manual testing efforts. No doubt, whenever software testing is mentioned, automation is always followed by it.

Automation plays a key role in any software development process considering its benefits such as flexibility, speed and reliability. However, with ever changing project requirements, automation scripts are also likely to change. This continuous modification in the scripts can become a tedious process and can have a detrimental effect on the development team. Therefore, it is essential to think why and when automation is required for your project.  

The fundamental job of automation testing is to free up resources performing repetitive tasks by enabling them to work on latest features of the project. However, there are some other factors which might define need automation testing.  

  • Phase of the project: Before implementing automation, it is necessary to consider the phase of project. For example, if user interface of the project is not finalized and its requirement is constantly changing then implementing automation at this stage can be a costly affair.
  • Budget: Before considering automation for the project, evaluating budget is important. Having right automation tools or framework can help in reducing maintenance cost of project. Trying other open source frameworks before moving on with actual framework can help in evaluating and understanding the impact of automation and cost required for developing it.
  • Automation framework: To avoid rewriting scripts for dynamic project requirements, having a good framework is essential. An automation test framework can help in reducing repetitive efforts. But, having a good knowledge of testing process is necessary before beginning test automation. Furthermore the testing framework should be simple to adopt and use. The initial testing processes must be combined and should have some standardized protocols to perform testing.
  • Automation team: While executing automation, having a team aware of complexities and standards is vital. The team should have basic programming understanding and also knowledge about the architecture of project. Training and educating the team on automation can be expensive and time consuming.  

Automation testing is to simplify the testing process by eliminating the need of repetition but it is not everybody’s cup of tea. The results of automation testing still depends upon how well it is performed. Analyzing cost before investing into a framework is necessary and evaluating the right framework too. Nevertheless, consulting a test advisory who can help you with this can also be considered as a viable option.

Topics: Automation testing Things to consider before automation testing

Mobile learning – Dodge misconceptions and welcome possibilities

Mobile learning is still a fresh concept to lot of people and hence they are bit skeptical about the benefits offered by it. The misconceptions are hampering mobile learning advancement, especially in the workplace by blocking its adoption 

Topics: mobile learning Myths of mobile learning

AngularJS Modularization & Dependency Injection

AngularJS provides a built-in dependency injection mechanism. Using dependency injection mechanism you can split your application into multiple different types of components. AngularJS can inject these multiple different types of components into each other. Modularization of your application is important for making it easy for reuse, configure and test the components in your application.

Here is the list of AngularJS’s core types of objects and components:

  • Value
  • Factory
  • Service
  • Provider
  • Constant

AngularJS dependency injection mechanism is useful for injecting these core types into each other. Now, we will discuss how to define and inject these components into each other.

Topics: AngularJS modularizing applications dependency injection

Bridging the digital divide part III - How this impacts learning, education and nation's economy

part 3 Sneha.png

In this three part blog series, we discussed what is digital divide blog 1 and why it is so important to bridge the global digital divide blog 2. In this last blog of the series, let's discuss how this digital divide impacts learning, education and the nation's economy and how can this gap be bridged. 

Taking reference from the standard definition the 'digital divide' refers to the existing gaps in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which includes individuals across the globe, groups and even countries.

Education and learning are the two main issues that lie at the heart of the present digital divide and hence is a burning issue than a more obvious gap in the access to technology itself. With lack of proper learning and education, economies become stagnant. The relation is between the cause and effect.

Economies thrive with better connectivity. The signs of 'emerging economy' can be seen everywhere where innovations are made possible by ICT that is transforming the way economies and its people are working. ICT therefore has become a gateway to economic growth. 

This importance to ICT and the lack of it in both economic and social sense explains why bridging what has come to be known as the 'digital divide' is a priority for societies and nations who are willing to take the big advantage of the opportunities ICT offers for the nation's growth.

The new generation devices and sophisticated machines and equipments are but useless without the power to exploit them. Nurturing this is in part the job of schools, colleges where foundations of technology literacy are laid; in part, it is also dependant on the learning that takes place in workplaces, communities and homes. In the present global economic landscape, education and learning is lifeblood for nation and its people's growth. The price of a lost opportunity is huge if you ignore the gaps in the 'learning digital divide'. 

To enforce lifelong learning and education, the education policy makers and educationist community should come up with strategies relevant to bridge this gap by reaching the disconnected underclass. The role of technology stakeholders in the process is as much crucial to execute the international exchange of education and learning.

Language is one more barrier which draws attention for policy makers to address linguistic issues. Given the importance of English language in software and technology, it’s crucial to bring equity and social inclusion among non-English speaking countries. ICT must be used strategically to bridge the digital divide and to help such populations open up to new forms of learning and education.

In the information age, lack of access to information can lead to disconnection from economy and hence democracy, both in commercial and social-economic sense. Let's take the example of India itself, with demonetization and its after affects, it's the people who have connectivity and access to communication technology are the ones who are empowered to do cashless transactions and in turn contribute to the nation's economy through new age learning adopting alternative payment methods using e-wallets and net banking. 

In the present technology landscape where the pace of education, learning and commerce and its development depends much on the spectrum of knowledge and its scale of possibilities, current attempts should drive the efforts to widen the ICT access gap. This initiative should be to address the needs of a particular user community to facilitate equal learning and opportunities.

Our success stories:





Topics: e-learning Innovation Learning education digitization Digital Technology Digital Divide IT

Tech story roundup - Week 50, 2016

Cloud security: What advantages it has to offer?

Considering the previous scenarios and survey reports, cloud security has always been an issue for enterprises. Still, there has been a lot of argument going, that this situation will not be the same in coming years.

Read More: http://hubs.ly/H05tM690

Enterprise mobility has a long way to go! 

According to Gartner, enterprise mobility is flourishing and is going to stay for a while. However for enterprises, when it comes to delivering computing devices to employees, most of the employers end up in providing desktop rather than mobile devices. Still, enterprise mobility is considered to be growing.

Topics: Big data Collaboration Enterprise Mobility Cloud

Building the perfect healthcare web experience

There are mobile apps for a lot of healthcare products that do great things. There are desktop apps as well that run patient monitoring, clinic management among other tasks. But, the web continues to be a place where suspects still become prospects and in turn, customers. It is easy to visit a URL and fill up some details to get a free offer or redeem some coupon code. It takes a little more motivation than that to download an app onto one’s phone and then click it open later for said offers or coupons. Hence, web is the place which companies have every reason to focus their prospect and customer acquisition activities on.

Topics: Healthcare app Healthcare experiences Healthcare website Healthcare CRM Heathcare

Moving your SCORM courses to mobile

SCORM is one of the popular standards widely adopted in LMS industry. However with propagation of new technologies, learners are keen to leverage mobile technology. Having content compliant with SCORM standards can be perplexing and may give rise to lot of difficulties such as how SCORM content can work on mobile devices? 

There are lots of benefits provided by traditional desktop applications compatible with SCORM standards. However, having your SCORM courses compatible with mobile devices can enable learners to leverage latest technologies and widespread the use of mobile devices.  

No doubt, SCORM is excellent but it has inadequate features which makes it incompatible to run on mobile devices. Developing SCORM compliant content for mobile devices from scratch can be cumbersome and would require lot of efforts. This process might eventually end up in lot of monetary investment and waste of time.  

Consider developing a desktop application and then developing the same for mobile with different features. Isn’t it time consuming? Furthermore, there is no flexibility in reusing functionality just because it is not compatible with mobile platform. All of your efforts are just squandered because the developed application is not compatible with different devices.  

So, what can be the solution to save all of your cost and time efforts and still deliver your SCORM content on mobile devices?  

The SCORM offline player is especially designed to fulfill your needs. SCORM offline player enhances the way content is delivered, supported and managed. It is one of the best solutions to enable SCORM-compliant courses to run on mobile devices with lots of functionality at lower costs. It is one powerful tool to deliver extensive features which can enable you to deliver content across the globe.  

SCORM offline player is well-suited in the era of mobile learning. Organizations are rapidly moving towards mobility and are creating a mobile workforce to streamline the processes and increase productivity. So if you have yet not decided to move your SCORM content to mobile, then this is the time.
Topics: SCORM Offline Player SCORM content SCORM content for mobile moving SCORM courses to mobile

Role of value engineering in SharePoint

For delivering optimized SharePoint solution, Value Management is considered as an important factor which has been already demonstrated here. Now let’s move on to Value Engineering, another aspect which can help in providing a refined SharePoint solution.

Topics: SharePoint Value Engineering Value Management

SharePoint for making organizational learning more effective

Microsoft SharePoint is considered as one of the emerging collaborative and content management platform. However, utilizing SharePoint for learning and training purposes can be beneficial in many ways and can also save a lot of money. It is one of the great tools for learning organizations. So, if your organization is already availing SharePoint benefits then why not leverage it as a learning management system too.

Topics: SharePoint as LMS SharePoint for learning

Why government organizations should embrace mobile learning?


Government organizations usually go through a lot of pressure because of the challenges faced in adopting technology and skills related to it. Furthermore, they look for continuous improvisation in order to meet their goals and deliver quality results. However, other sectors are already moving ahead by leveraging technology. This situation has forced government organizations to assess technological options for their advancement.

Topics: benefits of mobile learning mobile learning for government

Technology news from around the globe - Week 49, 2016

Week 49 Tech digest.png

Topics: Big data SharePoint Enterprise Mobility Cloud

Demonetization impact on IT Industry

In an attempt to tackle counterfeit currency and the malaises it creates within the economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016 announced demonetization where five hundred and thousand rupee notes will no longer be legal tender. This move is aimed at rooting out the menace of black money and corruption.

Topics: IT industry Digital Technology IT Digital transaction system Demonetization Indian economy

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