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Tech news that’s exciting us - Week 35, 2015

Technology trends week 35

Intel leads $100 million investment in OpenStack Company

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Rise of Healthcare Experience 3.0

Healthcare Experience is one of the hot topics within the healthcare industry. This blog is my reflection on how HX is geared to take the healthcare experience to the next level. HX is all about disruption in the existing healthcare experience. I refer to it as Healthcare Experience 3.0 (HX 3.0) that revolves around building an experience for patients using three fundamental pillars of healthcare - Technology, Providers and Processes.

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Deployment of MongoDB Sharding

A recent project that I worked on required us to store millions of records along with low memory and processor usage. The system worked well for the first one million records. After that, the system started taking a lot of time to insert records, create data files and search records within a database. To solve this problem, we decided to implement MongoDB Sharding.

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Tech stories handpicked for you -Week 34, 2015

Tech digest week 33


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How to select a mobile app development partner/vendor?

A quick search on how to select a mobile app development partner will reveal tons of results. However, there are a few key aspects that you must evaluate to ensure that your product is in the right hands. Apart from the obvious ones, here are some pointers which will help you to select a mobile app development partner/vendor:

Topics: Mobile Development Technology

UX- Roadmap for your mobile-first strategy

With growing mobile users and the wake of Responsive Web Design, many companies are starting to align themselves to mobile-first strategy optimized by User Experience. Companies thinking of desktop -first and mobile later are going to be deprived of customers trust in their business.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 33, 2015

">Tech digest

Oracle Cloud gaining popularity in Eastern Europe

Oracle is set to become a cloud-centric company. The company has steered more than 90% of the Oracle software to work in the cloud. Apart from the new services, the company has specialists which are helping their consumers adopt cloud solutions. The company's cloud services are already becoming popular in Eastern Europe. The company delivers its services from 22 datacenters around the world.

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Taking on Social Problems with Big Data

Big Data is increasingly becoming widespread in the public sector. Cities have initiated measures to make data more open and give citizens access to statistics on a wide range of areas. Recently, Boston published an assortment of open data which contained information spanning from building permits to urban farms. An initiative named the Open Data Cincinnati helps the residents to wade through datasets of information collected by the city. Even San Francisco has created a similar dashboard to keep track of energy and water usage metrics.

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Apple loses ground in the enterprise mobility race

According to a recent study, Apple's run as the enterprise mobility marketplace leader has slowed down due to decline in the iPad market share. The benefit has percolated to Android and Windows devices. Apple's tablet has been the go-to device for most enterprises but the lead is dwindling as businesses look towards slates as laptop replacements. During quarter two, the Android market share jumped from 15% to 25%, whereas Windows market share increased to 11% from 4%.

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Microsoft’s GigJam might be the next big Collaboration tool

Microsoft GigJam, which was unveiled recently at the 2015 Worldwide Partner Conference by Satya Nadella, is seen as Microsoft's next big move in enterprise collaboration. Nadella describes GigJam as a tool which will help rethink enterprise collaboration and enable teams to perform ad hoc tasks together. Microsoft's roadmap visualizes a workplace which can collaborate with apps that are more visual, intuitive and not affected by data silos. The big challenge for GigJam though will be overcoming real-world integration challenges.

Read more: http://goo.gl/m9juSc

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How to accelerate Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM)

Process improvement in any organization is challenging as the businesses today have complex and dynamic business network. The key is to have the right approach/partner can get you there.

Topics: Enterprise Technology

e-Zest - Fifteen years and going strong

It gives me great pleasure to announce that e-Zest has now completed 15 years. At the outset, let me express my gratitude to all our partners who have trusted us for their business needs. Let me also take this important milestone to say thank you to all e-Zestians, past and present, who have taken the company to where it stands today!

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e-Zest celebrates 15 years of spreading digital

It was a day of pride for team members as e-Zest celebrated its 15-year anniversary today. Formed in 2000, e-Zest completes 15 years on August 8, 2015. The party began early with the entire office sporting a colourful look with balloons and rangolis to celebrate the e-Zest spirit.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 32, 2015

Technology Trends week 32


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e-Zest becomes Oracle Silver Level Partner in Cloud

e-Zest, a global IT services company offering digital transformation solutions in the cloud, became a Silver Level Partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Cloud Connection recently. The partnership underlines e-Zest’s position as a leading cloud services provider in the global market.

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Value of Talent Sharing in Professional Services

The use of contract staff has been a fact of life for many companies. This started over half a century ago when Information Technology was called Data Processing. These consultants have consistently provided a variety of services, augmenting permanent staff.

Topics: Onsite Offshore Staffing Services Professional Services Technology staffing

Sample - How To Post



Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve through your explanation and be sure to include any relevant keywords. Add in a personal story to establish your credibility on this topic. And make sure to end your blog post with a summary of what your reader will gain by following your lead.

Need some inspiration? Check out these "How-To" examples from the HubSpot blog:

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