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Why Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing are the business match made in heaven?

Businesses today are increasingly leveraging the power of mobile to improve business opportunities. Today Mobile makes up almost 60% of internet usage, it is thus a no-brainer to have a mobile strategy. The dilemma for organizations is where should businesses invest to get more mileage from the money spent?There are an overwhelming number of options for businesses today to leverage digital channels for marketing optimization. From Google Ads, SEO, Content Marketing to Social Media Marketing to many other mediums and channels, there are some great options that are already being tried and tested. However, in order to make the most of the digital platform companies have to take a holistic approach to marketing which is in line with the business goals.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 38, 2014

Why Hybrid Cloud maybe your best bet?

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Knowledge Management – A growth catalyst

Information is the key driver of growth in every business. Every techie is aware of the definition of information, yet the significance of the concept is forgotten far long. Businesses are busy grooming the core business activities and trying to expand their core capabilities. There’s hardly anyone who is thinking about the drivers of growth assuming the supporting functions as non-productive.

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Introduction to Git - Part IV

Here’s the fourth post in a series of Git posts intended to help programmers understand Git. These posts are primarily targeted towards Windows using CVS for programmers to help them move to Git for versioning. The previous two posts covered the following:

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Wearables- I Do, Do I?

Wearables are undoubtedly here to stay. After having made a big splash already over the year, this technology is growing each day in terms of its innovative efficacy and limitless possibilities. Unstoppable and absolutely in vogue with the generation of high end technology users, wearables are rather on their way to creating history.

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Beyond Websites, Mobile Apps Offer New Customer Connection Opportunities

Over the last one year, there is a massive growth in the amount of time spent on digital platforms including desktop and mobile. According to a latest report, digital time spent is around 1.2 trillion minutes in June 2014 (24% increase over the same month last year) and time spent in mobile apps has jumped over 50% in one year.

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Introduction to Git - Part III

This is the third post in a series of introductory posts intended to help programmers understand Git. These posts are primarily targeted towards Windows using CVS using programmers to help them move to Git for versioning. The previous two posts covered:

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Factors that impact call center application Performance Testing and Load Testing

I wish to share with you all some major areas in testing of call center software which mainly includes Performance & Load Testing of a Call Centre application. Call Centre performance often refers to how quickly call center staff answers a call or the sound quality of the call. It is related to how the software and infrastructure performs, how quickly a telephone call is routed and how much capacity can your call Centre application can handle.

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Tin Can API……

In the world of e-learning first thing comes to our mind is SCORM, LMS. Yes, SCORM is the widely used standard for e-learning. To run any SCORM conformant content LMS is mandatory. SCORM can track only the completion and status of the learning. To overcome these limitations, Rustici Software is working with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) to develop the Experience API (Tin Can API).

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Performance Tuning for Pentaho Kettle

Here are some cool and quick tips for performance tuning in Kettle.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare – Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2

All the Eligible Professionals (EPs), Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) that have demonstrated Stage 1 meaningful use successfully can participate in the Stage 2 of the EHR Incentive Program. Stage 2 of the EHR incentive program requires the participants to demonstrate enhanced meaningful use capabilities.

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The potential of Apple Watch in Healthcare

With its planned release in early 2015, the Apple Watch would be the most groundbreaking development in the area of personalized technology. It is even more thrilling to imagine the value that it can potentially add to the healthcare industry.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 37, 2014

How to design your Cloud Computing strategy

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Enterprise Mobility Spends On the Rise

More and more organizations are embracing mobility solutions that allow employees to remain connected with work while on the go. A recent survey commissioned by Oracle called “The Connected Enterprise: Keeping Pace with Mobile Development” shows a huge increase in the Mobile IT spend of organizations. According to this survey, mobile related IT expenses are set to increase by almost 50% over the next two years to make way for the enterprise of the future. Even though mobility has been on the radar of enterprises for a while now and the rapid rise of mobile devices connected to the enterprise is unmatched by any other technology in recent times the fact remains that only 10% of enterprises have an enterprise wide deployment of mobile. However, companies that have adopted enterprise mobility have seen business improvements and increased revenue through improved competitive positioning, faster time to market, enhanced customer engagement and better employee productivity.

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Photoshop CS6 ‘Save for Web’ Images Batch processing, keeping nested folder structure intact

Images are an integral and important part during any website or application development. It has a direct impact on the visual appearance & on the performance of the application/website. Higher in size, images take time to load and it slows down the page loading process. Whereas, inappropriate and low resolution images may be pixelated and they may degrade the look-n-feel of the visual.

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The Re-engineering of product/project

Why would one think of re-engineering of a product/project in the first place or redoing the same stuff again?

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Preventive Healthcare – Can the model evolve?

We have been hearing a lot of changes in the approach for preventive healthcare segment. With an era of focus only on creation of medical claim products, which pays you once you are ill, preventive healthcare has never rightly evolved. However, the preventive healthcare plan is not an unknown entity for developed countries where people are availing preventive care. In India, we start caring for our health when we cross 40; however research says the age group of 30 to 40 is the group which is becoming more vulnerable as the patterns of work, lifestyle etc. are changing over last two decades.

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Assisting startups with non-core Product Management

During the past 14 years of e-Zest, we have built hundreds of products. We have interacted and worked with many successful and not so successful Product Managers, and have learned a lot. Here are some of the things product managers do (at a very high level):

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Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare – Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 1

Ever since it started in January 2011, more than 484,000 eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and critical access hospitals have actively registered in the Stage 1 of Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs as of June 2014 and still counting as the deadline nears. If you have not yet registered for the Meaningful Use stage 1 this might be your last chance to be a part of the healthcare revolution.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare –Introduction to Meaningful Use (MU)

Do you know what has caused a spike in the rate of adoption of Information Technology in the healthcare industry? Yes, you are right. It’s the HITECH act. This act provides incentives to the providers that demonstrate Meaningful Use of certified EHR technology. And ever since the introduction of this legislature in the US healthcare industry, it has kept the healthcare providers on their toes.

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Magnanimous Talent, Unlimited Fun- Philia 2014

Colours dazzled as the lights and shadows played hide and seek in between earth-shaking performances. e-Zest’s much awaited cultural extravaganza- ‘Philia 2014’rang in innumerable moments of joy and excitement, marked with resplendent talent on September 13 at Hyatt Regency this year! The euphoria was evident right from the huge number of audience present and expectedly it didn’t let anyone down for even a single moment. Rhythms soared, feet tapped as there was unlimited talent flowing one after the other.

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Luxury retailers taps mobile

The digital revolution, the rise of the smartphone and other mobile devices have been paralleled by a steady rise in the demand of luxury goods. This rise has opened up the luxury market to a huge pool of potential customers who are waiting for an opportunity to pick up the trendiest merchandise from their favorite retailer without worrying about geographical boundaries. Luxury retail thus can no longer afford to exist in isolation and has had to embrace e-commerce. However, can a web presence be enough to tap this wide market? Real time consumer demands for luxury merchandise is completely changing the way luxury retail operates. According to Forrester Research:

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Prerequisite to understand mobile requirement completely

Mobile application testing usually needs variety of mobile devices with different capabilities, features and limitations. When it comes to mobile application, end-user always demands better user experience. Usability is an important issue for mobile application than web and Desktop.

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TECH DIGEST – Week 36, 2014

Consider Cloud-based EHR EEHREHR Solutions

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Apple Watch and the Future of Wearables

The recent Apple Event, on April 9, unveiled Apple Watch, which had been nicknamed as the iWatch.

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Big trends driving Big Data for 2014

In 2013 we saw all lot of infrastructure perspective given to Big Data within the enterprise market. What we are going to see in 2014 is a refocus on the use of this infrastructure and not the infrastructure itself. Many claim that 2013 was all about Big Data and cloud infrastructure where Big Data was done on bare metal infrastructure within the enterprise. There would be an evolution of this thought towards virtualized infrastructure in 2014.

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Hyper-V migration to OpenStack


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Enterprise App Development Trends

Mobile apps and solutions have had a huge impact on the way businesses operate. This trend has rolled over into 2014 and this year has witnessed the exponential rise of enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility has helped businesses and companies create an interactive environment of collaboration where communication transcends boundaries. Enterprise Apps allow Employees complete access to data and resources. The shift now is towards getting more apps to the mobile with an additional focus on security and governance.

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“Brevity is the soul of wit”: Shakespeare

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TECH DIGEST – Week 35, 2014

How Cloud Computing Drives Innovation

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Software Delivery management- On Time, On-Budget Delivery

Organizations spend quite a fortune on processes and technology to improve project success rates. However it’s been observed that most projects fail at their launch, because the original requirement criteria were not met. Some project failures lead to delays in product launches. There are some aspects that need to be considered for products and services to get consistently delivered on time, on budget and with the highest quality

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How to use Enterprise Social Collaboration to your company’s advantage

What is Enterprise Social Collaboration?

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Knowing more about XaaS, the cloud computing buzzword

Most organizations are looking to move to the cloud now. While many have not understood Cloud and its capabilities, they do understand the importance of this technology for their businesses. With the cloud landscape expanding fast, it offers immense growth opportunities for businesses. XaaS is the newest entrant to the cloud computing landscape.

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