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iOS 8 equipped for enterprises

Enterprises have been reaping benefits from ever increasing capabilities of smartphones. Enterprises focused on their mobility strategy, have slowly evolved ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai Jun 30, 2014

Internet of Things: Coming soon to a device near you

If you have seen the latest iPhone 5s parenthood ad by Apple, you simply cannot miss the focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). This next-gen revolutionary ...

By Shashank Venkat Jun 30, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 25, 2014

Cloud Computing could save the planet!

By Corporate Jun 28, 2014

Are Wearables the Future of Healthcare?

Apple, and more recently Google, has started throwing their weight behind wearable technology in healthcare. The future of these companies and indeed the ...

By Shashank Venkat Jun 27, 2014

Outsourced Product Software Engineering

I have been contemplating as to which media I should be using to share my views and thoughts on evangelizing Outsourced Software Product Engineering! The ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jun 26, 2014

Converting from MySQL to Elasticsearch

While working on a project called Lantanacloud at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. India, the project was initially implemented using MySQL for database storage. Later on ...

By Mayur Jain Jun 25, 2014

Migrating Cloud VMs from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure

I have migrated to windows server 2012 EC2 instance from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure through following steps.

By Sandeep Dhawale Jun 25, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 24, 2014

Cloud computing’s big impact on small businesses.

By Corporate Jun 20, 2014

Why should I write (blogs)?

I have always wondered what it must be like for a technical person to be immersed in, almost neck-deep in developing, programming, testing, whatever the nature ...

By Madhavi Vaidya Jun 16, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 23, 2014

Enterprises leverage MSPs to manage cloud services

By Corporate Jun 14, 2014

Introduction to Git - Part II

Welcome to the second part of the Introduction to Git. In the first part we saw the basics of a Git repository, how to install Git on a Windows machine, ...

By Nikhil Wanpal Jun 12, 2014

All about Single Singn-On (SSO)

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

By Shrikant Kesharwani Jun 10, 2014

Campus to Corporate

Transition is an on-going process in everyone’s life that takes place at different stages. Campus to Corporate transitions needs more attention as they involve ...

By Akshay Mandke Jun 09, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 22, 2014

How cloud imputing impacts e-learning?

By Corporate Jun 06, 2014

Creating your site with Drupal

So you have chosen the Swiss knife of the portals software for creating your website - with Drupal. It has flexible architecture, extensibility, variety of ...

By Sachin Dixit Jun 06, 2014

Introduction to Git

Version control is one of the most critical aspects of software development and Git is one of the most popular versioning software! Version control comes ...

By Nikhil Wanpal Jun 04, 2014

CloudMap - a 360 Degree Infrastructure control on Cloud

Today's Era of cloud is certainly moving in a direction to engulfing 80% of the IT market in coming 5 years. Naturally, it is a common understanding now that ...

By Saurabh Phaltane Jun 03, 2014

Understanding the Current Business Matrix

The world of business is continuously evolving and the earlier, conventional models of business have sure worn out only to be replaced by the new ones. In ...

By Abhishek Nag Jun 02, 2014

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