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Tech Digest – Week 48, 2013

Amazon –Still the winner in the growing cloud computing market

By Corporate Nov 30, 2013

HTML5 tools vs. Older Browsers

Newer technologies are bound to come up frequently and in order to cope up with these technologies, versions etc. one need to have a grasp on the know-how, ...

By Guruling Kumbhar Nov 28, 2013

Session Management

There are three ways of session management in n-tier applications:

By Madhura Oak Nov 27, 2013

Transaction and Query timeout

Performance is one of the non-functional requirements of an application. It defines the acceptable maximum response time for activities such as page load. It ...

By Madhura Oak Nov 25, 2013

India IT Show 2013

The much awaited event- The India IT Show, organized by Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) is all set to take off on 28th ...

By Corporate Nov 25, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 47, 2013

Exploitation of Cloud to spy on the US by Chinese Hackers

By Corporate Nov 24, 2013

Internal Corporate Branding with Portal Technology

Today the word ‘brand’ has gained immense importance and why not? With so many benefits conferred upon by a well-built brand, it is only natural that the ...

By Sujeet Karle Nov 21, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 46, 2013

Amazon: With New Cloud Services wants to be everything you ever wanted

By Corporate Nov 16, 2013

Multiple Inheritance in Domain Model Design

While using multiple inheritance in domain model design you need to be cautious as programming languages such as Java do not support it. Hence, for ...

By Madhura Oak Nov 13, 2013

Autoscaling EC2 instances in AWS

Owing to the very simple yet powerful features, Amazon has truly been the most dominating player in the world of cloud and one of the most undisputed super ...

By Saurabh Phaltane Nov 12, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 45, 2013

5 ways cloud computing is changing product management

By Corporate Nov 11, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 44, 2013

Cloud computing to become the bulk of new IT spend, predicts Gartner

By Corporate Nov 01, 2013

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