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Tech Digest – Week 35, 2013

Amazon still public cloud leader says Gartner

By Corporate Aug 31, 2013

OpenVZ with Amazon Cloud

In my previous Blog I referred about using popular control panel i.e. cPanel on Amazon Server. In this blog I am going to talk about Virtualization with ...

By Chaitanya Ranade Aug 28, 2013

cPanel and Amazon Web Service Integration

In my previous post I had written about differences between VPS and VPC. In this post we will try to understand more about cPanel and AWS integration.

By Chaitanya Ranade Aug 27, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 34, 2013

Achieving green computing in cloud

By Corporate Aug 24, 2013

Security Best Practices for Healthcare Application Design – Series 1

It is often a discussion between what is required and what is essential for your application designs. For Healthcare Applications, it is extremely important to ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 19, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 33, 2013

Microsoft to open source a big data framework called REEF

By Corporate Aug 17, 2013

Radiance of Knowledge

Human evolution is often described as an ongoing quest for answers, a continuous struggle to gain knowledge, a pursuit of truth or a need for illumination. In ...

By Lijo Varghese Aug 14, 2013

Magnifier in JavaFX 2

JavaFX is amending day by day and adding more fasinating features over time.The interesting part is its ability to create customized controls as per the ...

By Sai Dandem Aug 13, 2013

Genchi Genbutsu

Java Developer: “I’ve confirmed with the UI developers and they have said that these keys in JSON are being used.”

By Madhura Oak Aug 13, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 32, 2013

Is Google following you?

By Corporate Aug 10, 2013

What is Domain Knowledge?

In software engineering, domain knowledge is awareness of the environment in which the target system operates. Domain knowledge is important, because it ...

By Kirti Mansabdar Aug 08, 2013

Design Pattern Combination – Strategy with Factory Method

When we implement certain design patterns, they are usually used in combination with other design pattern. Though we have a catalog of design patterns such ...

By Madhura Oak Aug 07, 2013

Difference between VPC and VPS

There is a lot of buzz around in the market of webhosting, information technology and data storage these days. Many companies are using terms as virtual ...

By Chaitanya Ranade Aug 06, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 31, 2013

Big change coming in the enterprise application ecosystem

By Corporate Aug 02, 2013

ICD 9 to ICD 10 Transition Approach – Taking a holistic view on healthcare’s important transition

With the deadline for transition to ICD 10 coming closer, it is important to take a holistic view towards the transition efforts. Here I am sharing my views to ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 02, 2013

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