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Simple steps to change size of EBS volume in EC2 of AWS using AWS console

I found many of us who use EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) instances of AWS (Amazon Web Services) face issue of increasing size of their current EC2 instance without disturbing environment at run time.

Topics: AWS AWS console elastic block store EC2 ebs Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud cloud computing Technology

Accessing EJB 3.1 components from local POJO client

EJB 3.0 introduced the @EJB dependency injection which is used in local or remote clients to obtain access to the session beans (In EJB 3.0 only session beans have a client view). However, this dependency injection can be used only in web components whose life cycle is managed by the Java EE web container and session beans. For other clients, the access to the EJB components need to be obtained via JNDI lookup.

Topics: EJB Session Facade EJB 3.1 Application Design Business Delegate Domain Model JNDI Technology Service Locator

UI Performance Tuning Tips

I believes that in today's Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 world, Web UI performance tuning deserves utmost attention alongside other Web development tasks. I have collated tips & techniques for UI performance Tuning. Most of them are result of my experience & experiments with UI optimization while working with multiple Web Apps development projects.

Topics: UI Performance Tuning TOMCAT 7 Technology

JavaFX 2.x development using FXML

This post simply explains, development of JavaFX 2 application using FXML.

Topics: JavaFX javafx 2.0 fxml Technology java desktop development

A lock-free and faster approach to get Singleton instance

The traditional way of implementing Singleton design pattern is given in Listing 1. The implementing class provides a static method which instantiates it if no instance already exist. This method is synchronized to ensure that not more than one thread can concurrently execute it and thereby create more than one instance of the class.

Topics: Java Singleton Multithreading Technology

10 Best Practices for Agile Success in Offshore Model

Based on our experience of agile project execution at e-Zest, I would like to highlight some of the best practices for success of agile projects in offshore model

Topics: Team Offshore Model agile Technology

e-Zest showcasing its AWS managed services at CeBIT AU 2012

e-Zest, a software services company specializing in building next generation cloud applications with integrated Mobility, BI and Social Collaboration, is demonstrating its AWS managed services at CeBIT Australia 2012.

Topics: CeBIT AU 2012 e-Zest AWS Managed Services News & Events cloud computing

Key aspects in Enterprise Mobility (MAM, MDM & Enterprise App Stores) – Part 1 MAM

Enterprises are working hard to streamline how employees leverage mobility to access critical business information within & outside workplace in effective & secure manner. There are a multiple challenges & multiple technology solutions/tools available. The important aspects in enterprise mobility are Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise App Store. All these have overlapping areas but different use cases and concepts. I will cover these three aspects in series of three blogs.

Topics: mobile application development Mobile Development Technology Enterprise Mobility

A Partial-Blocking Thread-Safe Cache

Let’s revisit the cache implementation for storing frequently searched programs. One strategy to implement fixed size cache is to maintain the search count for each program and when the cache size is more than maximum allowed size, delete the programs which are least frequently searched. The ProgramSearchResult class uses variable of type AtomicInteger to store the search count.

Topics: Java Multithreading Thread-Safe Cache Technology

Lantana selected finalist for Top Business Solution by CeBIT AU 2012

Amazon Web Services Solution Providere-Zest’s product Lantana is a finalist for the Business Award for Top Business Solutions at CeBIT Australia. e-Zest, a software services company specializing in building next generation cloud applications with integrated Mobility, BI and Social Collaboration.

Topics: e-Zest CeBIT Australia News & Events Lantana cloud application performance management

e-Zest participating at CeBIT Australia 2012

e-Zest, a software services company specializing in building next generation cloud applications with integrated Mobility, BI & Social Collaboration is participating at CeBIT Australia 2012 exhibition from May 22nd to May 24th 2012, at the Darling Harbour, Sydney. As the #1 business event in Asia Pacific, CeBIT Australia is a conference, an exhibition and a networking forum.

Topics: e-Zest News & Events Australia CeBIT Australia 2012 CeBIT

What is important? Is Intent and Content or Templates and Formats?

In my experience, while working with the teams and developing their processes to get accredited for ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI, focus is on writing down their existing way of doing things. Identify measurement parameters and ask them to start monitoring. Once they find out gap between what is expected from process and what is being delivered, improvement opportunities emerge. They are trained on the methodology to improve process systematically, using data.

Topics: ISO Process Innovation Quality Top Management audit reviews Technology CMMI Quality Assurance

Writing Thread-Safe Programs – Analyze Cost Of Locking

One way of writing a thread-safe class is to use synchronization when its shared variables are being modified so that a lock is obtained by the executing thread leaving all the other threads in the waiting state to get the access of the shared variables. This way we ensure that only one thread can modify the shared variable and no race condition occurs.

Topics: Thread-Safe Programs Java Cost of Locking Multithreading Technology DAO

e-Zest became an Organization Member of Health Level Seven International

e-Zest Solutions Ltd. has become HL7 2012 Organizational Member with an intention to contribute and support HL7 International’s mission and efforts of developing a cost-effective approach to system connectivity.

Topics: News & Events Health Level Seven International HL7

Business Intelligence for Manufacturing Industry

Business Context

Topics: business intelligence Forecasting TQM Reports 6 Sigma Manufacturing Technology

10 things you (probably) want to consider for BI tool selection

In today’s competitive environment, a proper BI services is a must to have for many organizations. Companies in various industries are implementing BI systems for effective decision making, reducing resources for manual efforts and utilizing them to focus more on analyzing data and defining and enhancing the KPIs.

Topics: business intelligence BI tool selection BI Technology

Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development - Part 2

For earlier 9 points kindly refer to my earlier blog at Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development – Part 1

Topics: Solution Development PA-DSS Compliant Technology

Writing Thread-Safe Programs Using Atomic Variables

Race condition never occurs in a thread-safe program. What is a race condition? When variables are shared by multiple threads, there is a possibility that more than one thread get access to a variable and try to modify its value at the same time. This could lead to a loss of data modification done by a thread and leave the program in an inconsitent state. Such hazards should be avoided by allowing only one thread to access the shared variables when they are being modified. Synchronized methods and synchronized blocks are used to lock an object so that only one thread can access the object’s state and other threads keep waiting for the access until the lock is released.

Topics: Thread-Safe Programs Java SE 5 Java Multithreading Atomic Variables Technology

Ahead of Time Compilation for JavaFX 2.0 applications

We at e-Zest are working on JavaFX 2.0 for more than a year and are amongst the few early adopters of the technology. Based on our experience with JavaFX we are evaluating it for a new project we recently received.

Topics: javafx 2.0 AOT compilation Technology Time Compilation

MEAP - Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

In today’s enterprise IT there are many challenges including faster smart phone adoption. Mobile applications continue to grow in popularity along with an increasing number of popular smartphones. All of these apps and devices need to have access to several backend databases, and all of this data needs to be synced and secured. Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) are helping to solve the complex issues resulting from the burgeoning mobility space.

Topics: MEAP Mobile Development Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms Technology Enterprise Mobility

Considerations for PA-DSS Compliant Solution Development - Part 1

Following are the considerations for the development and Implementation of software solutions in a PCI-DSS Compliant Environment. These should be treated as functional and/or quality requirements while developing PCI DSS Compliant solution.

Topics: PCI DSS Solution Development PA-DSS Compliant Technology

Amazon Storage Gateway can be useful in implementing extended storage solution for your Enterprises

I was talking to CIO of a company about their existing issues in backup requirements and came to know that they incur huge cost in setting up the data protection mechanism by purchasing expensive hardware devices and software.

Topics: AWS Amazon Storage Gateway cloud computing Technology

Writing Thread-Safe Programs Using ConcurrentHashMap

When your program can be accessed by multiple threads concurrently, you need to ensure that it is thread-safe. What is thread safety? A thread-safe program behaves correctly and is always in a consistent state when accessed by multiple threads regardless of the interleaving of the thread execution. A thread-safe program runs as consistently as if it is run by a single thread.

Topics: Thread-Safe Programs Java Multithreading Concurrency API ConcurrentHashMap Technology

e-Zest to participate at SODEC Software Development Expo Japan

e-Zest, a software services company specializing in building next generation cloud applications with integrated Mobility, BI & Social Collaboration is participating at 21st Software Development Expo (SODEC) Japan. SODEC is Japan’s largest exhibition related to development, operation and maintenance of software.

Topics: Software Development Expo News & Events ICT SODEC Japan

Content Deployment in SharePoint 2010

This is part of the Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint; which addresses the feature of moving the Contents from Source Site to Destination Site.

Topics: Content Deployment Microsoft .Net SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment Process Technology

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