Is Salesforce Lightning right for your enterprise?

With recent announcement made by Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning is a platform to drive customer engagement program, which has made waves world-wide. It compromises of the new Lightning Experience and new Lightning Design system with Lightning components and Lightning App. Salesforce Lightning was developed as an add-on for the Salesforce App Cloud, to create modern enterprise application.

Lightning offers components that can be easily integrated with CRM to improvise the user experience, eventually boosting the productivity of sales team. With Lightning one can have a fresh, modern and brilliant experience by accessing it on any kind of device.

Yes, Salesforce Lightning has a lot to offer, but it is essential to contemplate whether Salesforce Lightning is suitable for your business or not? As per industry experts, there are only 5% of the enterprises worldwide proficient enough to measure customer engagement efficiently. The reason other enterprises fail because they are incapable of gathering and utilizing customer information which can help them in carving out strategies. Hence to do this, enterprises must consider customers as a priority and bring them to the epicenter of business.

So, what Salesforce Lightning can do for you in terms of customer engagement? 

With Salesforce Lightning, enterprises can figure out various ways for connecting and collaborating with their customers. Lightning is designed in such a way where it has specific answers to every customer needs and it makes sure enterprises are fulfilling needs of the customer. So as I mentioned earlier, Salesforce Lightning is an excellent tool to drive customer engagement.  

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Making Salesforce Lightning work for you

Absolutely, Salesforce is the CRM leader with millions of users. Owing to its popularity, expectation levels of customers are usually high. Salesforce, being a CRM torchbearer, has always focused on user demands and feedbacks. To comply with user demands, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Lightning platform to accelerate the adoption among users.

Topics: Salesforce Lightning Salesforce Lightning migration

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