Health Cloud features introduced by Salesforce

Several interesting features were propelled by Salesforce for its Health Cloud, a couple of months ago. The announcement was made at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference in Orlando, Florida.

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Service cloud Einstein to integrate with Amazon Connect

Previously, enterprises were highly dependent on paper documentations. Later a huge computer revolution encountered, which toppled the traditional paradigm followed by cloud and mobile. However, over the years Salesforce has proven that success comes through continuous efforts. They have utilized these revolutionary innovations to build tools using App Cloud, Concierge, Lightening and much more.

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Salesforce Einstein is AI in business technology

Yes, every business has customers where they are supposed to be nurtured and taken care of. That’s the reason businesses make sure their CRM platforms are optimized and built using latest technologies. Speaking about CRM, few months ago Salesforce announced Einstein, an artificial intelligence Salesforce CRM platform well-known for its smartness and advance capabilities.

During the announcement, Salesforce revealed that with the help of Einstein, data models can be built automatically irrespective of the products customized by the customers. Salesforce stated that Einstein will use artificial intelligence to build next generation AI-based applications.

Using Salesforce Einstein for your business is all about being a data scientist empowering artificial intelligence to foster customer relationship. With Einstein, you can derive conclusions automatically by collecting data from CRM, calendars, emails, social media platforms, ERP and IoT devices. Einstein is a brilliant technology build to strengthen the decision-making process by switching the focus to customer relationship.

With Einstein as an extension to CRM, one can bring in artificial intelligence to business. Earlier, only big companies such as Facebook and Google could leverage artificial intelligence but now with Einstein even small businesses can climb the success ladder by incorporating artificial intelligence.
Einstein is developed using powerful technologies to power artificial intelligence and make the business process seamless. As every Einstein feature communicates with each other there is no obligation to prepare the data manually or manage the models separately.

Here is what you can do with Einstein:

  • Envisage sales prospects
  • Resolve customer queries beforehand
  • Provide an excellent and personalized customer experience
  • Develop apps with integrated intelligence
Truly, Einstein is an AI in business technology!
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Digital Commerce to be pushed due to mobile growth

Considering last year statistics, digital commerce has grown by 19% whereas 52% of growth has been observed in mobile commerce industry. According to Salesforce Shopping Index, there are 500 million shoppers available globally till date. These statistics are clear indication that in coming days, mobile and digital commerce are going boom like never before driven by the power of social media.

Not only Salesforce Shopping Index but according to comScore’s report, mobile spending during the month November and December led to 21% of mobile spending which was up to $80 billion. However, with this report we can conclude almost every millennial uses smart phone for the purpose of shopping.

Salesforce reports indicates that nowadays, consumers are more inclined towards mobile payment options, responsible to bring in more conversion rates from the perspective of mobile shopping.
Salesforce have also researched well on the on-site search from which they discovered, on-site search have unlocked new opportunities for leading advancement in technologies such as visual image search, voice search and image search based on artificial intelligence solutions.

In conclusion, if the retailers are further looking to encourage digital commerce then they must continue to provide mobile shopping services to their consumers including tools consumers are looking to find relevant products. Facilitating consumers with various search options such as voice and image can help them to elevate the success of digital commerce irrespective of what consumers choose to shop online.
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No wonder that Salesforce named a leader in B2C Commerce Suites

Salesforce have really worked hard to create Einstein by collaborating cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. Salesforce’s agenda to leverage these technologies is to provide an excellent shopping experience to the customers because the commerce world is evolving and at the same time customer expectations.

Salesforce’s remarkable efforts were appreciated and rewarded by Forrester. They named the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, known as Commerce Cloud Einstein as the leader in the Forrester Wave: B2C Commerce Suites Q1 2017. In the report, Forrester has mentioned that Salesforce has demonstrated inevitable abilities by utilizing AI and data-driven decision making approach.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein have topped the charts for market presence. The report talks about how Salesforce Commerce is an excellent blend of marketing, sales and services. It is one of the best suitable option for the businesses desiring strong, robust and highly scalable cloud platform.

Jeff Barnet, CEO, Cloud Commerce Salesforce said, “Digitization is influencing the commerce industry. The more connected customers, the more brand visibility.” He also stated, “The commerce transformation will bring in various opportunities for the brands and revolutionize the commerce experience by making it smarter, more personalized and engaging.”

The traditional systems are not capable enough to connect with different consumer channels for buying purpose. They are not flexible and are too costly to cope with the ever changing market landscape. Hence, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is far better and provides flexibility and agility to businesses and facilitates them to provide a personalized experience to the customers.

Salesforce Cloud Commerce is an excellent invention in itself. Being one of the most powerful CRM platform it helps brands to innovate in the dynamic consumer driven world. It empowers brands to deliver unique experiences to their customers by leveraging sales, service, marketing, analytics and IoT.
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