Basic Rundeck installation on EC2 Instance and configuration of nodes

Basic Rundeck installation on EC2 Instance and configuration of nodes

Rundeck is open source software which helps you to automate operations on different environments. Rundeck have some features to reduce your time consuming work and increases your automation skills. Rundeck allows you to run tasks on multiple number of nodes from a web-based or command-line interface. Rundeck is developed on GitHub as a project called Rundeck by SimplifyOps and the Rundeck community.
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Easy steps to create jobs in Rundeck

Easy Steps to Create Jobs in Rundeck

We have a tendency to forget things when we have a bunch of things on our plate. Imagine the impact of forgetting crucial steps while deploying critical applications on multiple servers. This is when automation tools like Rundeck come handy and you can configure steps for it to execute on different remote servers.

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