Moving your SCORM courses to mobile

SCORM is one of the popular standards widely adopted in LMS industry. However with propagation of new technologies, learners are keen to leverage mobile technology. Having content compliant with SCORM standards can be perplexing and may give rise to lot of difficulties such as how SCORM content can work on mobile devices? 

There are lots of benefits provided by traditional desktop applications compatible with SCORM standards. However, having your SCORM courses compatible with mobile devices can enable learners to leverage latest technologies and widespread the use of mobile devices.  

No doubt, SCORM is excellent but it has inadequate features which makes it incompatible to run on mobile devices. Developing SCORM compliant content for mobile devices from scratch can be cumbersome and would require lot of efforts. This process might eventually end up in lot of monetary investment and waste of time.  

Consider developing a desktop application and then developing the same for mobile with different features. Isn’t it time consuming? Furthermore, there is no flexibility in reusing functionality just because it is not compatible with mobile platform. All of your efforts are just squandered because the developed application is not compatible with different devices.  

So, what can be the solution to save all of your cost and time efforts and still deliver your SCORM content on mobile devices?  

The SCORM offline player is especially designed to fulfill your needs. SCORM offline player enhances the way content is delivered, supported and managed. It is one of the best solutions to enable SCORM-compliant courses to run on mobile devices with lots of functionality at lower costs. It is one powerful tool to deliver extensive features which can enable you to deliver content across the globe.  

SCORM offline player is well-suited in the era of mobile learning. Organizations are rapidly moving towards mobility and are creating a mobile workforce to streamline the processes and increase productivity. So if you have yet not decided to move your SCORM content to mobile, then this is the time.
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