How secure is the Enterprise Mobility world?

Work today is moving far from the traditional concepts that defined it. With the rise of the mobile era, companies today are veering towards flexible working arrangements that enable employees to complete their tasks with any convenient device. This mobility however, gives rise to some challenges that IT departments are addressing constantly. Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Content Management and security are some key areas of focus. The IT departments also needs to figure out the type of applications they need to develop to cater to this mobile workforce. With an enormously varied enterprise software landscape, IT managers have to identify new ways of developing enterprise apps that can integrate with internal systems. Organizations also have to look beyond the traditional email and rewire their organizations to support enterprise mobility so that employees can stay connected and complete tasks irrespective of where they physically are. Adoption of enterprise mobility will also ensure higher employee productivity and lower overhead costs. Research firmly suggests that enterprise apps are here to stay. Companies just need to ensure that they strike the right balance while adopting an enterprise mobility strategy by evaluating and understanding how employees or customers want to use it and identify ways in which this can be introduced within the organization.

Topics: Mobile Content Management TABit Mobile Application Management Technology Enterprise Mobility

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