A quick low down on everything about Google hardware event

In a seemingly largest announcement on hardware, Google recently unveiled its interesting array of devices as well as services on October 4 in San Francisco. This newest range of devices put Amazon's Echo and Apple's iPhones right in the limelight.

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Internet of Things: Coming soon to a device near you

If you have seen the latest iPhone 5s parenthood ad by Apple, you simply cannot miss the focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). This next-gen revolutionary technology seems to be the way ahead for the largest technology and consumer companies. Google raised quite a few eyebrows when it acquired thermostat company Nest Labs this year, but experts see it as the tech giant’s foray into the IoT space. Both Apple and Google know well, that connected devices can be game changers when embedded with their dominant mobile ecosystems. Other big companies like GE, Cisco, SAP, Intel and the likes have taken large strides in the IoT market as well.

Topics: connnected devices IoT revolutionary technology Internet of Things

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