Messaging Bots in Today’s Enterprises

Today, almost every knowledge worker suffers a software fatigue, which is experienced due to the inefficient task of using different applications at the same time. The whole process of multi-tasking becomes cumbersome as it requires efficient switching between different applications to collaborate with their colleagues at workplace and manage information. In such a scenario, ChatBots provide a useful alternative, by incorporating some of the great features of IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

What is a ChatBot?

ChatBots are a computerized responses to statements made on a channel, realized as a powerful way to enrich the content, bring together various communities with similar interests. Bots rose to popularity recently after the boom of internet and social networking sites. What boosted their growth was the fact that they could be written in ample coding languages. The basic function remaining that they had to connect their line-of-business applications with chat. This accelerated the information flow, without the user having to switch between multiple applications.

Why should users be happy?

Users enjoy the benefit of experiencing various services with just one app. You can just skip dealing with multiple interfaces and thus, save a lot of time. Not only this, but also using a single software or app, saves your device a lot of memory.

When business is considered, internal chat options for enterprises provide a lot of options that make the entire functioning a lot easier. You could engage a poll bot (to take instant polls among the members), or a reminder bot (to send reminders to team members about any upcoming target or deadline). One advantage of using ChatBots is that users get exposed to only those features that are specific to their business interests and communication and collaboration needs.

Why developers should be happy?

As a messaging platform, the free chatting software could, very-well, provide plug-ins for almost every developer tool available in the market. The plug-ins provides the developers with a platform to create their own apps and bots. API platforms of the messaging apps provide developers’ customization, easier deployment and within-the-platform growth. What’s exciting is that businesses who are interested in developing apps and bots also have the flexibility of using Aritifical or Human Intelligence.

How Chatbot could change the future of messaging?

As a part of business communication tools, the ChatBot app is supposed to attract developers and B2Bs by providing integrations on the messaging platform. Apart from this, the free messaging services will take over the responsibility of assuring businesses and enterprises to find diverse integrations. Such platforms are bound to become the central hub for the workflows of the users.
It is believed that collaboration and productivity tools are supposed to become huge in the coming future and will require a massive reengineering of the workplace. This would make it more responsive, agile and ensure facilitation of data-driven decision making in different areas of entrepreneurship.

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What is conversational commerce and how to make best use of it?

Lately, conversational commerce is been a highly trending topic among the business world. There are various prophecies, how conversational commerce is going to transform ecommerce industry. So what is conversational commerce and how can you use it to elevate your business success? Though, this is one of the most commonly asked questions, let us go through the fundamentals of conversation commerce and its impact on the businesses.

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Interesting Digital Commerce trends for 2017

2017 is finally here and the d-commerce business is already on rise. There is no harm in saying that digital commerce has a bright future and it is likely to flourish in coming years. However, if you are not acclimating and progressing to meet your customer demands then there are high chances of failure. A small shop owner will have to enhance their selling techniques to attract customers and keep up with the online giants like Amazon. This will be same in every facet of our life such as an online pizza delivery guy will be replaced by drones in coming future.  

So, to avoid falling behind the ferocious competition, you must be aware of the current d-commerce trends. Considering these trends you can strategize your business approach and be prepared for approaching challenges. These trends have huge insinuations and are going to stay here for a while.
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