Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 16, 2017


Mobile cloud computing paving the way for modern workers

Mobile cloud computing is an excellent approach to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern working procedures in terms of data storage and application development. Besides, if your devices are unable to access the corporate data and applications within a workplace then they are considered as futile. Here, mobile cloud computing can be favorable. 

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Salesforce Einstein is AI in business technology

Yes, every business has customers where they are supposed to be nurtured and taken care of. That’s the reason businesses make sure their CRM platforms are optimized and built using latest technologies. Speaking about CRM, few months ago Salesforce announced Einstein, an artificial intelligence Salesforce CRM platform well-known for its smartness and advance capabilities.

During the announcement, Salesforce revealed that with the help of Einstein, data models can be built automatically irrespective of the products customized by the customers. Salesforce stated that Einstein will use artificial intelligence to build next generation AI-based applications.

Using Salesforce Einstein for your business is all about being a data scientist empowering artificial intelligence to foster customer relationship. With Einstein, you can derive conclusions automatically by collecting data from CRM, calendars, emails, social media platforms, ERP and IoT devices. Einstein is a brilliant technology build to strengthen the decision-making process by switching the focus to customer relationship.

With Einstein as an extension to CRM, one can bring in artificial intelligence to business. Earlier, only big companies such as Facebook and Google could leverage artificial intelligence but now with Einstein even small businesses can climb the success ladder by incorporating artificial intelligence.
Einstein is developed using powerful technologies to power artificial intelligence and make the business process seamless. As every Einstein feature communicates with each other there is no obligation to prepare the data manually or manage the models separately.

Here is what you can do with Einstein:

  • Envisage sales prospects
  • Resolve customer queries beforehand
  • Provide an excellent and personalized customer experience
  • Develop apps with integrated intelligence
Truly, Einstein is an AI in business technology!
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What Watson and Einstein can do together?

The most prominent leaders of the industry, IBM and Salesforce have collaborated together to encourage artificial intelligence platform. The ideology behind partnership is to provide access to IBM’s Watson information using Salesforce customer platform to blend Einstein’s customer relationship data with Watson. This includes information such as weather, healthcare, financial services and retail. The alliance of IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein can enable organizations to strategize more specifically in terms of targeting customers.  

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Salesforce: How AI will impact the workforce?

With recent announcement of Einstein, Salesforce revealed, how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will mutually enhance the functionality of their CRM platform. For all Salesforce products, Einstein offers array of features which includes insights, predictions, recommendations and automation.

Through Einstein, Salesforce is trying to break the entire stereotype ideology of applying same solution to every problem. According to Salesforce, humans alone will not be able to drive the economic growth, instead artificial intelligence and machine learning will prove to be the equal contributors. With AI and machine learning, Salesforce is preparing to infiltrate Salesforce products more intensely into customers business to enhance human decision making process.

Salesforce asserts if Einstein is as good as Salesforce then it might simplify marketing and sales efforts. With the help of automation, Einstein might replace repetitive tasks of humans and help them to focus effectively on important tasks. This era will be called as cognitive era, where AI will transform every major industry. 

According to Salesforce experts, any task performed by a human can be now automated using artificial intelligence. However, it is not that Einstein will replace humans entirely, instead there are lot of tasks which can be performed together using human and AI abilities.

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Martech

Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was just a notion meant to nurture and grow in future. But if we look at it now, artificial intelligence is leading the technological world. It is considered as the backbone of innovation and digital transformation. Truly, artificial intelligence is here to make our lives easier and productive.

Coming to marketing technology, artificial intelligence has also become a hot topic in the marketplace. Enterprises are experimenting marketing with multiple cutting edge technologies such as big data, machine learning, bots and of course artificial intelligence. No doubt, these technologies are revolutionizing marketing paradigm. There is no harm is saying, we are entering into a phase, where technology is helping brands to connect with their audience in a better manner.

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