Being Truly Agile


The title itself is a bit pretentious. As if being agile today is some sort of dilution, and we need to aim for true agility by virtue of its slightly better sounding name (my opinion of course). The concept of agility stems from the need to have teams that are better poised to tackle changing requirements. It also propounds of making the customer’s life better by delivering incrementally, with more transparency than the well maligned big bang of the waterfall model.

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Managing agile development through Salesforce

Enterprises usually seek innovation and flexibility while developing software projects. In addition, they continuously look for improving productivity of developers and engineers. However, to fulfil these requirements, enterprises are moving towards the adoption of agile methodology.  

To cope with changing technology trends, Salesforce swapped its development approach from waterfall to agile, having the same agenda of improving productivity of team. With agile, Salesforce was able to increase productivity by 38% and the development cycle duration was reduced comparatively.  

Thus to foster collaboration and increase efficiency, Salesforce connected tools to each other along with organization. Salesforce developed a fresh new tool built on to promote agile development and manage scrum, QA and testing using a single visual interface known as GUS (Grand Unified System).  

GUS known as Salesforce Agile Accelerator can help development teams to -

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Utilizing agile development methodology for product engineering effectively

Agile methodology is a flexible and simple approach to manage product engineering in a collaborative environment. Agile development methodology is somehow like other approaches like Waterfall but much evolved for modern software development approach. It ensures cost-effective and rapid product engineering by initially developing and delivering the important features of the product. 

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Agile approach for Fixed Price projects

Agile today has become a key project management methodology across industries as it is convenient and beneficial for customers as well as vendors.

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How to get Agile right – Part 2

My previous blog was about, how agile beginners should follow rules to make agile right instead of implementing their own perceptions and concepts. Now let’s move further to revolutionized methods of making agile right. 

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